7 Amazing business cards for UX designers

 7 Awe-inspiring Business Cards for UX Designers

UX design is all about simplicity and accessibility, which is why many UX professionals gravitate toward monochrome Amazing business cards.

The problem with this approach is that it may appear unoriginal when applied to business cards. Given that many people don’t carry around much room in their wallets, why give them another excuse not to use your card?

Instead, UX designers have created business cards that potential customers and collaborators are likely to keep…

Masanori Mitsuhashi

Masanori Mitsuhashi is a UX Designer based in Tokyo and employed by Goodpatch -a global user experience company with offices worldwide including Tokyo and Berlin. For his designs, Mitsuhashi often draws simple but humorous sketches to bring them to life. This business card is beautifully printed on traditional Japanese paper, Washi.

Sarah Nohe

Sarah Nohe is a User Experience Designer at Nebular in Florida. Previously an anthropologist, she needed new business cards to launch her new profession – so she took inspiration from her calling: to consider the user when designing them.

Lo Min Ming

Lo Min Ming is an engineer and designer at Dropbox. He co-founded Pixelapse, which offers visual version control. Lo Min Ming strives to combine user experience (UX) functionality with aesthetic appeal; his business card featuring a denim theme certainly fits that mold perfectly.

Contrary to what it appears, this denim wasn’t actually printed on textured paper. According to Dr. Benardo, “I carefully designed the letters, especially the “G”, in such a way that they would remain strong even after being die-cut.


Ueno is a global digital agency that offers web and UX design for clients like Airbnb, Medium, Cisco and Lonely Planet. Their vibrant business cards reflect their playful attitude and reflect the agency’s vibrant nature.

Gustavo Youngberg

Gustavo Youngberg is a San Francisco Bay graphic and web designer who specializes in branding identity, web design and UX design. Cushman & Wakefield, an estate firm, currently employs him as their senior web specialist.

These stylish business cards prove that you don’t need to invest in costly printing techniques. All that’s necessary for success is an eye-catching design and effective layout. Youngberg ordered his cards from Moo, using their Luxe Business service, and was thoroughly impressed by the craftsmanship and quality of their paper products. True to its name, colors pop while black looks deep – I absolutely adore it!

Adnan Puzic

Adrian Puzic is a User Interface/UX Designer from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). His 2017 business cards boast embossed elements for an added touch.

We enjoy the distinctive script writing style used in these designs, which easily sets them apart from other products in the industry.

Marcelo Graciolli

Marcelo Graciolli is a Brazilian web designer and UX/UI specialist with 12 years of experience. He specializes in email marketing and is based in London. Check out his new business cards – both the front and back are printed with vibrant graphics!

He strongly encourages you to visit his Instagram account (opens in new window), and we love how the eye-drawing device on the front conveys this message.

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