Do You Need to Buy Twitter Followers

Social media platforms and search engines want you to give your users great content so they have a positive experience. They want to see you grow organically and naturally. These principles are not being broken by buying followers. While you might be able to do it temporarily, purchasing followers on Twitter is likely to result in your account being terminated or downgraded.

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You may not want to buy followers on Twitter for the sole reason that you have “social proof”. This is when people see you as more popular and therefore worth following. However, it’s better to have a small number of genuine people who are interested in your business and more likely to interact with you.

Previous Crackdowns on Buying Followers on Twitter

Google released an update in 2011 to prevent people from gaming their system. This resulted in thousands of business owners and marketers losing their rankings and income. Many people lost thousands of dollars per month.

Facebook has been reducing the reach of spammy posts and accounts with fake followers over the past few years.

Twitter has purged fake accounts on its platform of thousands to thousands in an attempt to reduce spam.

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While there are legitimate ways to increase your Twitter following through paid ads, the truth is that buying Twitter fans is not a long-term strategy. You will eventually be relegated to a lower account and have a much smaller reach.

What can you do to increase your Twitter presence?

The answer to this is pretty straightforward–give your audience a great experience–but there are also some tricks and tips that can help you to gain lots of Twitter followers pretty fast.

These are some of the best ways you can grow your Twitter following.

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Keep in touch with people on a regular basis.

Although this one is simple, it is very important. People will follow you back if you are a follower of them. Follow people who might be interested in your products or services, and follow leaders in your industry.

This is a great tip: Follow other brands, products and services on their accounts and get inspired. These are the people you want to have following you.

Schedule your tweets with a tool

HootSuite can schedule all types of social media posts and tweets. HootSuite allows you to batch your work, instead of posting every two hours. This will allow you to save a lot of time and schedule your tweets for the most optimal time.

There are many other social media sharing tools available, such as Buffer, HubSpot and CoSchedule.

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Tweet with links and make it valuable.

Keep track of the most valuable content in your industry. Tweet those links regularly along with some commentary. Tweets with links are retweeted more frequently than those without. Don’t forget tweeting links back to your website.