E-commerce Training with an Edge

When I first joined the E-commerce business scene, I was constantly held hostage by the ever changing landscape and a list of unreliable suppliers. I tried everything and consistently brainstormed on various ways to carry on with the business. I tried every solution that you can possibly think of from allowing a third party specialist to run the business to hiring a full time consultant. Nothing seemed to be working. It was like I was trying to change the course of a river without recognizing that It was literally impossible. In the end, I almost gave up. However, all this changed once I attended an E-commerce workshop by Qoo100, Lazada and Carousell. This course literally breathed life and delight into my business.

Analyzing the Market Place

So how do i sell on Qoo10? And How do i sell on Lazada?

Despite the fact that I had been in the E-commerce sector for over a year, I did not seem to understand the market place. This was clear especially from the type of market demands that I addressed to the metrics that I employed in determining how well my business was doing. From the training, I got to learn about ‘website traffic’. This term was really new to me and seemed like the ultimate way to guarantee factual data regarding the number of people who were visiting my business and what exactly they were doing. From the course, I was also introduced to various web tools as used in some of the largest e-Commerce markets to determine different types of data. This was a very important insight for me.

Choice matters

While creating a brand in this line of work, it is important to choose wisely when it comes to an E-commerce platform. Although I already knew this, I had not thought that it was vital in determining success of the platform that one chooses. The ecommerce course in Singapore  took on a fact based approach in showing how important this factor is. The higher the traffic flow through a website, the more likely that a single entity can makes sales.

The competition

Competition is part and parcel of every business. Learning adaptive methods of dealing with competition plays a great role in ensuring business continuity and survival. The course contains a module that specifically teaches trainees on how to deal with competition. This includes the analysis of product offerings across the market place, checking on seller commissions across the platform and carrying out visitor demographics and traffic comparison. This information ultimately helps one shape their operating strategy and design.

Final Take

The course is organized by a Internet Marketing Singapore Agency.

The most satisfying part of this course was taking on challenges through actual practice. This part of the training was keenly integrated into different aspects of the program. For me, the best module that took on this approach discussed product research. The market is silently changing and product research has become a must have skill in the market place. In real sense, no one can no longer operate without considering this aspect of E-commerce.

Be ready to enjoy an interactive course that is guaranteed to leave you feeling very knowledgeable of prevailing E-commerce issues.