How to check for plagiarism

Plagiarism is an act of copying work or idea by someone else and claims them to be your own. It could also be your written work, but copying in the exact format will become plagiarism.

Fortunately, you can use a plagiarism checker to find out if your work is original and revise any phrases, sentences or paragraphs it catches. Focusing on these areas is an excellent way to check for plagiarism.

  • Find the text that does not fit the assignment or scope of the article
  • Multiple fonts quotes within quotes, hyperlinks or other formatting mistakes
  • Outdated information
  • A sudden change of font

The reason is that plagiarists forget to best custom essay writing services go back, read and revise these errors they lift from other sources. There are many plagiarisms checking software, but these three are a favorite to many because their scanning is extensive.

Copyscape (Free and paid)

 It is free to use Copyscape but with limitations.  A premium version provides more results and details. Premium users pay five cents for every page they check with this tool. You can cut and paste text a URL into a search box. Copyscape will search online to detect any copies of this content on the web.  An advantage of this tool is that you will get an accurate picture of your content in the case of copying and magnitude of the text. (Free Trial/Paid)

Grammarly is free for users to run their content but prompt them to sign up for a seven-day free trial when it displays the results. You can cancel the subscription before the end of seven days or choose a monthly, quarterly or annual plan. This tool provides accurate information about the text. The results for a premium package are in-depth, and it suits people with great mastery of the English language. Nonetheless, anyone can understand what it means with “unoriginal text detected.”

The advantage of paid membership is that it goes beyond choking originality to detect errors in vocabulary and sentence structure. You can use it for the overall improvement of the content. (Paid)   is a website with a design to teach professionals and targets institutions wishing to open an account for school use in its name.  The slogan of this website is to prevent plagiarism and motivate the students. The school begins by getting a quote of what will charge for a membership before accepting a paper into its system for checking.

You can notice plagiarism by reading originality reports as they show matching text in other documents on the database. It has a list of sources and users can filter them to eliminate quotes.  This site is useful to instructors because they can use for creating a database of the students and their writing ability. It can help to strengthen their writing skills because they will know their weaknesses. Due to the cost of the program, it is not economical to subscribe and use for checking only a few projects.

 Running a plagiarism check is a success if you can understand the results. Paid tools have more instructions and thoroughness.  The selection of free tools is limited.   It is also essential to compare the tools whether they are free or paid because not all of them are simple to use.