How to plan your trek for weekend in Uttarakhand (find places where you have to pass Nainital to reach)

There are many people who keep going back to Uttarakhand for their love of the mountains and the snowcapped peaks. For the regular travelers and trekkers it soon becomes tiresome to tread along the same path as millions of others have done before. So most of the trekkers look for new unexplored trails and small villages with home-stays to keep off the beaten track. To aid such adventurers we are trying to bring forth a few of the less explored treasure troves of Uttarakhand.

Most of these trails are fitting for our busy schedules. These are easy to moderate treks which can be completed in 1 or 2 days only. So the next time you get a three day weekend you can simply pack your rucksacks and head off to the Himalayas for a breath of fresh air. These beginning of these trails can easily be reached from nearby hill stations like Nainital by pre-booked taxis and out station cabs which makes them even more convenient for weekenders. Here are a few of those less explored trails on the Kumaon which provides a relaxing getaway.

  1. Pangot – Naina Peak – Kilbury- Pangot: This is quite an easy trek which provides ample opportunities for nature lovers to observe and relish the unmarred beauty of nature in the mountains. Pangot village is just about 20 km from the city and it takes less than an hour by car. So you can start your trek early in the morning. The trail goes through the village with its tiny model houses right out of some 19th century novel. Their unique design and architecture make them stand out in the greens. After the village ends the trail enters the dense Kilbury forest. This is a region dominated by deciduous trees and hundreds of bird species that keep the forest alive till sunset. The highest point of Nainital is about 2311 m above sea level. The trail continues for a stretch of 7 km, uninterruptedly, to reach Naina peak. From the summit you will get a beautiful panoramic view of Nanitital against the snow capped mountains. This is a very easy trek which takes only about a day to complete.
  2. Nainital – Camel’s Back: Camel’s back is a mountain range which resembles the humps of a camel. The summit is located at about 2422 m above sea levels and is usually reached by less than a day’s trek. This shows off a wonderful rock formation with two mountains contributing to the hump like formation. This is actually a wonderful place for bonding with friends and family since the top is rarely frequented by locals. This trail is a favorite among nature lovers, birdwatchers and mountain lovers who want to get away from the city life for 2-3 days. Do not forget your picnic baskets on this trek!
  • The Ghughukhan trek: this is an easy yet revealing trek starting from Nainital. Haryal is located about 4-5 km from Pangot. A small offshoot of the main trail takes you from Haryal to Gugukhan. The best time to visit this trail is the monsoons when the colors and sounds of the lush green forest wake up to the rhythms of the falling raindrops.

These are a few of the many easy trails of Uttarakhand which wash away the stress and grime of the old city life.