How To Save Energy For Your Aircon In Singapore

While you can save air conditioning energy by not turning on the air conditioner during the off -season, when the humidity and temperature in Singapore rises in the summer, you need to look for air conditioning energy saving tips, and you will have to turn on the air conditioner. This article provides some energy saving tips to guide you in this direction. For information about our best aircon service Singapore, please visit our website.

Turn off your air conditioner at night: You can turn off your air conditioner when you sleep at night, as the level of cooling required during the day is not required.

Turn off the vents: You can save air conditioning energy by closing the room vents to keep the air cool in the room. Usually a basement is considered the coldest room in any home, so you can also use it to keep it cool, turning off vents and air conditioning at a lower cooling level.

Use a portable or window air conditioner: If you don’t need to cool the whole house, you can use a window or portable air conditioner to save energy. You can use it anytime, anywhere.

Make sure the duct works properly: If your air conditioning duct goes through an un -air -conditioned part of your home, you can save energy by checking its insulation regularly. If not insulated properly, your air conditioner will need more energy to provide the necessary cooling.

Air conditioning service: Regular and frequent maintenance of your air conditioner will also help you save a lot of energy, as dust and dirt in the environment can clog the filters, which will make it difficult for your air conditioner to run smoothly with less energy.

Control the lighting in the room: If you need special work, you can reduce the heat in the room by turning off the lights. You can also control the sunlight coming from the windows, as heat will also enter your room with sunlight.

Rearrange your furniture: If your furniture blocks cold air from the air conditioner, you won’t get the coolness you need. In this case, you should rearrange your furniture to clear the way so that the air conditioner reaches you directly from the air conditioner.

Remember your fan: Even when the humidity and temperature in Singapore rises, everyone wants to use air conditioning to stay comfortable, but if you use a fan and air conditioner to distribute air to every corner of the room, you can be better Your effect of air conditioning is the use low energy.

Use shutters on windows: If you are out and no one is using the air conditioner to cool, you should increase the temperature of the air conditioner and close the curtains and shutters as well as the windows to keep the room cool and save some energy for the air conditioner.

So, by following the energy saving and air conditioning tips provided in this article, you can save a lot of air conditioning energy.