Learn More about Nurse Practitioner Jobs

A licensed nurse practitioner (NP) is a highly-trained and licensed healthcare professional with more responsibilities than an RN or other types of nurses. These Nurse Practitioner Jobs have the autonomy to practice independently, similar to physician assistants or medical doctors. According to AANP (American Association of Nurse Practitioners), NPs are the fastest-growing primary care providers in America – which may explain why so many individuals interested in healthcare are considering degrees in this field.

Nurse Practitioner: What Is Their Nurse Practitioner Jobs Description?

Nurse practitioners are independent healthcare clinicians that manage patient health conditions, treat injuries and illnesses, and collaborate with patients on injury and disease prevention efforts.

Nurse practitioners are seen as leaders in the healthcare industry and may provide similar services to medical doctors. Patients will find nurse practitioners operating private healthcare clinics and specializing in various areas such as family health, gynecology/women’s health, pediatric care, and acute care. Nurse practitioners’ daily duties often involve diagnosing and treating illnesses or injuries, performing physical assessments, ordering tests and providing care.

  • Prescribing medications (if allowed by your state of practice)
  • Offering general health advice
  • Collecting samples
  • Updating patient charts.
  • Ordering lab tests, samples or diagnostic procedures as necessary
  • Supervising other nurses such as LPNs, RNs and CNAs
  • Carrying out minor medical tasks.

Nurse practitioner jobs range greatly, as do their day-to-day responsibilities. A pediatric nurse practitioner in a private practice may spend most of their time working with children and diagnosing illnesses such as the common cold; on the other hand, women’s health nurse practitioners tend to spend most of their time performing pap smears and breast cancer screenings.

Nurse Practitioner Salaries – What Should You Expect?

Salary.com notes that nurse practitioner salaries can vary considerably based on education, certification, skillset and years in the profession. On average, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, nurse practitioners make around $123,780 annually on average.

Nurse practitioners have an excellent job outlook, with many hospitals and health facilities across the country seeking to hire new practitioners.

For Example:

  • City of Hope often recruits nurse practitioner jobs throughout Southern California. Positions are available in a range of departments such as surgery and oncology.
  • Dispatch Health Management in Seattle, WA is seeking Family Nurse Practitioners with expertise in primary care and family health services.
  • Orthopedic Specialists PC in Davenport, IA is seeking a full-time Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant for their orthopedic medicine office.

Training and Requirements

Becoming an NP requires dedication to nursing and healthcare, as well as additional training beyond what a registered nurse would receive. In order to apply for any nurse practitioner position, individuals must hold an active RN license through their state. Generally, those interested in this career path first obtain their RN license and then work for several years to gain experience before deciding which area they would like to specialize in as an NP.

Nurses interested in becoming nurse practitioners have two choices: either pursue a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. A DNP program would grant an NP with the highest level of education possible, leading to higher pay and more job prospects.

After graduating from an accredited program and fulfilling all necessary residency and training requirements, graduates earn their Advanced Practice Nursing licensure in Practical Nursing. Each state has specific licensing requirements to become a NP Nurse.org provides detailed licensing info by state for your reference.

Once NPs pass their licensure exams, they are eligible to practice and apply for jobs within any healthcare facility of their choosing.