Paparazzi Accessories Fashion Fix Program

Paparazzi offers a optional jewelry autoship program for its consultants. There is a waiting list to join the Paparazzi Accessories Fashion Fix program. It is a great way for consultants to get involved each month (50pv), and to receive exclusive pieces for customers.

Fashion Fix preview boxes will be processed and shipped the 20th of each month. The sets can then be ordered at midnight ET on 5th of each month. On June 20, consultants will receive July’s Fashion Fix to show and preview to their customers. On July 5, the July Fashion Fix will go on sale and can be ordered. You can order the complete set or individual pieces on the 5th. Paparazzi will make available any remaining pieces on July 20th so that everyone can buy them.

What’s in the Paparazzi Accessories Fashion fix?

A box specially designed for the Paparazzi Accessories Fashion Fix preview pieces is included. This box contains:

  • 5 sets of 4 each (total 20 pieces) Each walk ons set comes in a different style profile to appeal to different women.
  • 5 exclusive pieces. These exclusive pieces are not for sale and can’t be reordered.
  • 4 Hostess Rewards Fashion Fix orders come with double hostess benefits

Tips and information about styling. Styling tips and information about each set will also be provided. This will allow you to show your customer how the pieces can be incorporated into their wardrobe.

What is the cost of a Paparazzi Fashion Fix Subscription?

The best part about Paparazzi Accessories Fashion Fix is that they are exactly the same price as regular pieces. They cost $2.75 per piece nail foils for consultants, and $5 for customers.

Consultants receive 25 pieces per month at $2.75 each. This totals $68.75, before shipping and sales tax.

How can I sign up for Fashion Fix?

Consultants can register in the Fashion Fix program by calling customer service (1-855-697-22727) to be added to the wait list. They will notify you by email when it is your turn to join Fashion Fix before your card is charged.

What are customers’ options for ordering from Fashion Fix?

Customers can purchase Fashion Fix pieces in two ways. They can purchase them from a Paparazzi Independent consultant who is enrolled in Fashion Fix. They can also order them from the consultant’s site. To view the Fashion Fix tab for that month, customers must log in to Fashion Fix’s website. Each month, the pieces can be purchased online starting at midnight ET. The sets arrive in a surprise package, so we don’t see them before we buy. They are a hit with my customers. They also love that they are more limited and exclusive than other Paparazzi jewelry.