Planning Career Change – 3 Tips to Set Your Career Change in Motion Fast and Furiously!

If you’re planning career change is in your scope for the future, then you should be patting yourself on the back.

The fact is that most people will whine and cry about being in a career that they hate, but you have decided to do something about it. It’s not easy, and it’s actually a bit scary…especially if you’re leaving a career that’s a sure thing. But, the reward of a wise career change can be immensely gratifying.

I know exactly what you’re going through because I successfully changed careers myself. It wasn’t an easy decision, since I had a very successful career prior to the one I chose, but changing career has been the best decision of my life.

But, if you want it to go smoothly, yet quickly, you have to do it right so that you don’t end up stuck in a worse position than you’re in.

So if you’re planning a career change…

Here are 3 Tips to Set Your Career Change into Overdrive and Make it A Smooth Transition…

Tip #1 Figure Out What the Change Will Be… Duh right. Well you’d be surprised how many people get the idea for a career change on a whim, and all of a sudden they change right to something that they’d still rather not be doing.

Some careers look better from the outside in. It usually goes awry when someone goes after the big checks, rather than going after a lifestyle and joy of doing something that they enjoy doing.

Take some time to assess what it is that you like to do and see if it will apply to your decision for changing careers. Just as well, try to figure out what it is that you DO like about your current career, and how you can apply that else where into a new career.

It’s wise as well to try doing the new career on a part-time basis before you decide to go fulltime.

Tip #2 Get Your Ducks in a Row… It’s not very smart to jump into anything in life without doing some planning. For career change planning it’s the same thing.

It’s best to make sure that you’ve got some cash saved up on the side just in case things don’t work out. You may want to put a little extra aside as well in case you do something where you’ll have to be doing marketing of any sort, such as real estate for instance, or starting a home based business.

Don’t forget about health insurance. You may want to find out how much you can get a carry over insurance for until the new kicks in. Again, if you’re starting a home business, or any sort of entrepreneurial venture, then you’ll need to provide your own anyways.

Tip #3 Go for Lifestyle not Money… A career change isn’t about the money. It’s about going to something fresh and exciting. It’s about being able to change your lifestyle.

To know this then you have to figure out what type of lifestyle that you want in your change of career.

This means that when planning a career change you need to think about which career will lend itself best to your vision, because if it doesn’t fit, you’re going to be disappointed and end up hating this too.

I went from a career that may have seemed glamorous to many, but it was one that kept me away from my family for nearly all of my time. I had no time to myself, but if I wasn’t away from home with clients…well…I wasn’t going to get paid.

I changed careers to one where I now get to be home with my family and still get to make my income while I’m at home. But even if the money were less, I’d still be happier because that was the change I was after. My changing careers paid off because I knew what I was after.