Risky Business Dance: was that inspired me

Risky Business Dance On a Saturday night, I was home alone. It was in the Cretaceous period, when T. rex still roamed. This was a rare chance for me so I decided to seize it.

What did I do Risky Business Dance?

I wanted to do something completely crazy and weird when I realized I would be alone at home (my family was out somewhere). Since no one could judge me, I decided to act totally foolish. The first thing that came to my mind was the Risky Business dance routine. Tom Cruise. Bob Seger. Underpants. That scene. Once I understood that, I was inspired by Tom Cruise to perform the same scene. I sang along and danced with no shame.

My own version was different from Tom Cruise’s. I was in my PJs, and ended up jamming to ABBA. Super Trouper and Mamma Mia were my favorite gloomy songs. I also enjoyed Dancing Queen, Lay all Your Love On Me, and other tracks. It was almost like I was in a Mamma Mia musical. It was amazing.

For me, no jam session is complete without Britney Spears and Carrie Underwood. So, I finished my intense ABBA marathon by listening to a song by each artist.

There you have it. This was the main thing that I did on Saturday nights when I was at home alone. What would you do if you were alone on Friday night or Saturday morning?

This might be a great way to get some ideas if you are stuck for ideas.

The iconic Risky Business Dance

Tom Cruise’s song “All My Life” is one of my favorite songs from the movie. The dance scene in the movie is not exactly based on the song. But you get the idea.

Although it may seem obvious, the answer is not. It’s not the song you sing that matters, but the great songs you choose to take when it is worth the risk.

Movie Throwback: Risky Business

Risky Business was released in 1983. It is about Joel Goodsen, a straight-edge boy who decides to go wild after his parents leave him alone in their home for the week. Things quickly get out of control when Joel’s friends convince him to engage in mischief, such as inviting over a prostitute. (Rebecca De Mornay).

I only saw the movie for the first time last week, despite it being decades old. Although I’d heard about this movie many times, it was the one that made Tom Cruise famous. Although I didn’t know much about the movie, I would have no hesitation answering trivia questions like “Who starred in Risky Business?” The film shows Tom Cruise in a simple, pink button-up shirt, boxer shorts, and high socks dancing around his home, lip-syncing Old Time Rock and Roll. This is one of the most popular Halloween costumes.

Cruise became a legend because of this scene. This scene has been referenced in many movies and shows since Risky Business’s release. TVtropes.org created a list of movies and shows that feature the dance or a reference. One such movie is Never Been Kissed, where towards the end of the film, David Arquette’s character Rob Geller shows up to the famous-couples-themed prom party dressed as Tom Cruise’s Risky Business character . Hugh Grant stars in Love, Actually, another well-known movie which references this scene. TVtropes lists three more movies and 16 TV shows, including Saturday Night Live and Saved by the Bell, as well as two video games and six animated TV programs, including South Park and Doug. There are also three other appearances that don’t appear on screen.

It’s a great scene, and I can see why it is so famous. It’s quite amazing. Cruise was a master of some moves, so it’s not surprising that everyone fell for him. Plus, at 21 he looked good.