So Many Career Choices – How Do You Decide Which Career is For You?

You’re not satisfied with your current career. You’ve done some research, and there seem to be so many exciting possibilities! How do you decide what is right for you? Here are five important factors to consider when choosing a new career.

1. Your Interests

When deciding on a new career path, one of the most important considerations is knowing what you like to do. Your career should reflect your interests. Many people just like you find themselves in jobs that are boring or do not relate to their passion. With the right training, you could leave that dull job behind and get started on a career that you love. After all, if you have to work nine-to-five every day, why not spend the time at a job that is rewarding?

2. Your Lifestyle

Different careers require different time commitments. For example, long-haul truckers must spend days away from home, and are often alone. Cosmetologists work closely with the public, and interact with their clients. Graphic artists often work from home and have flexible hours. The career that you choose should fit your lifestyle. You may want to consider your family commitments, whether or not you enjoy travel, or if you want to work directly with the public or behind the scenes.


3. The Skills Needed For Your Chosen Career

Having a passion for a certain career is one thing… being qualified is another. You may be working in the job you have now simply because you had the skills the employer wanted-but the job has nothing to do with your personal interests! Be honest. Do you really love your job? If not, then you should consider getting trained for the career that you’re passionate about. There’s no reason to spend year after year in a dead-end job that doesn’t interest you when there are many opportunities to get career training.

4. The Job Market

The fact is, in today’s global economy certain careers are growing quickly and others aren’t. This doesn’t mean that you should choose a career only by its expected growth-but you improve your odds of getting hired when you’re trained in a career field that’s growing. Education-For-Careers uses the very latest U. S. Government Department of Labor statistics to bring you the inside scoop on which careers are hot. Check out the numbers and see which growing career best fits your career passion!

5. Expected Earnings

Money isn’t everything… but it’s very high on the list! Some people are happy with low incomes (think starving artist), but most of us want a good paycheck that gets bigger every year. Some careers pay more than others, and the pay rate often depends upon the level of training. According to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Digest of Education Statistics 2005, a person with an associate degree can expect to earn nearly 25% more than someone with a high school diploma alone. A person with a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn nearly 60% more than someone with a high school diploma or GED. That’s real money!

When you think about a new career, you’ll want to consider these five factors that will affect your decision.