Special Myanmar Voyages

Boasting the high contrasts from south to north, Myanmar is a diverse country with so many attractions to see and things to do. While most of the visitors find it interesting to indulge in the famous travel attractions like Bagan, Yangon or Mandalay, the country still have some splendid experiences that you should consider for an extraordinary trip:

Spotting wildlife in Mainmahlakyun Sanctuary
This lowland is not so far from Yangon vibrant city. It is home to the wild animals living in the mangrove forests. What you can see here are the precious turtles and crocodile.
Since the area is out of the tourist map, your natural adventure is assured to be exclusive. There are only few travel agencies offers Myanmar Eco Tours to this area.

Golden Rock and Forest Trek
It is no surprise that Golden Rock attracts thousands of visitors per day yet the beauty of this magical site does not only come from the sparkling, sacred rock, its surrounding offers great trek trails as well.
A three day Golden Rock Tour allows you to understand why millions of pilgrimage comes to this site every year as well seeing the real nature of Mon State.

Balloon Festival in Taungyi
If there is a festival that you must attend in Myanmar, it must be the Balloon Festival. It often takes place in October and draw thousands of beholders who are eager to watch giant balloon in shapes of animals flying high during the evening time.
Suggestion for Balloon Festival: combine days tour around Shan State, see Nyang Shwe and lake of Inle and arrive at the festival at the 2nd or 3rd day.

Naga Land Adventure
Naga is simply a beautiful, rugged mountainous area by the border of Myanmar and India. The main reason travelers coming here is to see different hill tribes and Naga festivals. It would be very colorful to celebrate the New Year in their style.
Prepare your  camera well as you will love photographing the tattoo faced hill tribes and many other ethnics.

Follow Irrawaddy Dolphin
Named after the mighty river of Irrawaddy, this animal is now living only in few countries in the world : Cambodia, Indinesia and Myanmar. They concentrate in north Myanmar where there are only few traffic on the river and human are friendly with them.
To see Irrawaddy Dolphin, you need are suggested to charter a private Myanmar Cruise to travel up river from Mandalay en route to Lashio. You can also choose a different way to cycle along the river and hire a local boat to spot them.

Myanmar Government now offers more advantages for all travelers worldwide to explore the country. From better Myanmar Visa policy to more restricted areas are opened for visiting, more hotels and road are built to offer more comfortable properties.
In the short future, you will have chances to access the timeless mountain of Himalaya, attending more unique festivals in Chin states, marveling more spectacular island in southern archipelago of Mergui and uncover the less known treasure in north Myanmar also.