Top reasons to consider visiting Goa this vacation

Goa is a beautiful and lovely state in south western coast of India. It is a former Portuguese colony and today is recognized as one of the ultimate getaways of the world. It is a small state, yet brimming with tourist attractions, wonders, and entertainment. Reserve your Bangalore to Goa train and get going to this little quaint state of India.

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Goa is 60 km wide and 110 kilometers long expanse of land placed amidst the Arabian Sea on the western shore of India and the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats. This broad and long strip of land can be divided into two chief districts – South Goa and North Goa. It functions as a jewel on the tourism in India as well as the country’s pride. It is often called the “Pearl of the Orient” for the fact that it is elegantly placed on the Konkan coastal belt and is very beautiful.

There are several trains that run through Goa and stopping at its major railway stations. It is thus quite easy to access Goa without burning a hole in the pocket. Bangalore to Goa train is highly popular given the fact that Bangaloreans love visiting Goa on vacations. Plus, Goa also sees a huge influx of tourists from Mumbai and far off cities like Delhi.

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The magnificent sandy shores shimmering beneath the blue sky with sun that is glowing function as the main attraction of the location. There are numerous beaches in this tropical heaven whose magnetic attractiveness is simply unmatched. It bestows multitudes of interesting activities and attractions, which visitors may enjoy during their vacations in Goa. One can simply relax beneath sunlight across the beach side, or can indulge into water sport activities. Plus, walking through the old boulevards of Old Goa is a good way to kill some time and learn more about the colonial history of the place at the same time.

Travelers can opt for a Goa train tour which is an interesting way to explore the state. It is smallest state of India which functions tremendously as the tropical paradise that could compete any of the exotic destinations in the world’s. It gained statehood after 26 years as a Union territory and 451 years of colonial rule. Earlier, it was a chief Portuguese colonial area that flourished as an important port city. Once it became a part of Indian Union Territory, Goa became one of the chief highlights of India tourism, and today is the most sought-after beach destination in India.

Besides the natural grandeur which functions as the dominant draw and embellishes the state, Goa is famous for divine temples which represent the cultural and religious importance of the location and its astounding churches. The area is tremendously affected by the west as well as the east due to which it embodies a multi-hued and unique lifestyle. The sway is significantly represented in various edifices, the colonial buildings, and lifestyle along with night life of the area.

Goa is modernized but that does not mean it lacks traditional and ethnic values. The area has its very own distinct culture that is symbolized in the insides of town, festivals as well as its temples. On the other hand, the outskirts are replete with lively shores bestowing the fun and exciting actions to everyone. Swaying palm trees, lovely people, heavenly waterfalls, sandy beaches, weathered Portuguese bungalows and interesting cafes, these all are some of the things of Goa tourism that you can enjoy when in Goa.