Best Velcro Cable Ties to Have For Organizing

It would be great if organizing your house was simple and in most cases it can be. If you are trying to organize your house and your life, there are some tools you will want to keep around in order to make organizing easier.

Once you make the effort to organize what you have it will all become about maintaining it. After you have taken the time to get rid of the things you no longer use and find a way to sort the things you want to keep, you will need to maintain it.

Maintenance is one of the most components in getting organized and then staying organized. Here are some tools you will want to keep around in order to help you stay organized.

Drawers Dividers and Bins

Having small bins and dividers that you can use in your drawers will help you to group items you currently own and you will be able to have dedicated places for them. Draw dividers and bins are great to have because they can be used in many different spaces.

Having small bins can be great for storing jewelry in your drawers or for clothes if they are big enough. Drawer dividers are great for kitchen utensils and will allow you to have a dedicated place for the variety of kitchen implements you may have.

You can also use bins to group things you regularly use. Having a small decorative bin by the front door is a great landing pad for things you take with you when you leave like your wallet, keys, phone, etc. They also become great for organizing your office supplies and cables.

Clear Plastic Totes

You may have larger items you need to store that you may not regularly use. If you have winter coats that you need to store somewhere else during the summer months, having clear plastic totes can be incredibly useful.

Making use of plastic bins or totes helps when you need to have boxes where you can see the elements inside and they are perfect for stacking. You will not have to worry about plastic totes breaking or tearing. It is also economical because you will be able to reuse them for years to come.

Having plastic totes is also helpful if you need to keep items dry. Normal cardboard boxes can get damaged, tear, or if exposed to water can get ruined. You do not need to worry about water damage if you have a plastic bin.

Velcro Cable Ties

Making use of Velcro cable ties is perfect when it comes to organizing any wires and cables you have floating around your house. They can be used in organizing your entertainment center or your computer space. They are also helpful in wrapping up cables that you are not actively using. Some cable ties even come color-coded or have labels so that you can organize your gear even further.

Many people just assume that Velcro tie wraps are only useful when it comes to cable management, and while their main function is to help with the organization of cables, they can be incredibly useful in many other areas. Any product that you need to secure and keep together can benefit from the use of cable wraps.

Better Wall Storage

People tend to forget to utilize their wall space for maximum storage. Hanging shelves and storage units on your walls can help to remove things from the ground and can be useful for storing things like books, DVD’s, and even kitchen utensils.

Tie wraps for Kitchen Storage

One of the things that gets the messiest in a kitchen is the Tupperware drawer or cabinet. Generally people aim to keep it clean and tidy, but overtime you end up with a mountain of Tupperware that starts to avalanche out of the cabinet every time it gets opened.

Invest in getting stackable Tupperware for better more efficient storage. It sounds really simple, and it is, but it ends up making a huge difference in the organization of your kitchen.

Also consider getting hooks that you can hang pots and pans on. This helps if you do not have optimal kitchen storage and will eliminate you having to crawl under the cabinet in order to locate a particular pan.

Getting Organized and Staying Organized

Organizing your house takes a lot of work and a lot of time. Once you have made the effort to organize your stuff, you want to do everything you can in order to keep it that way. One of the best things you can do is to remember to put things back where they belong and take the extra second to do the job properly. Rather than just tossing a cable in a drawer, take the time to coil it up properly and secure it with a cable wrap. Those extra few seconds will prevent you from losing things and getting unorganized.