What Is A Plenum-Rated Product?

Used in the heating, vent, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, suspended from the ceiling or under a raised floor, plenum-rated products are fire-safety approved for cable management in areas referred to as “plenum spaces,” known as locations in the HVAC system that experience excessive heat and the majority of the air flow in the building. 

An example of a plenum space in an HVAC system is where most of a building’s air circulates including where smoke would travel in the case of a fire. Most of the cables in the plenum space host the wires responsible for the telephone and computer network systems.

Reduced Toxic Gasses In Case Of A Fire

When plenum cables and products are used in a plenum space, the toxic levels of the smoke decrease because of the flame-resistance coating on the plenum. Generic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) cables may cost less, but choosing plenum can lower the cost of your insurance premiums. In cases of when you own a building such as a hospital or a school, your business may be required to have plenum cable products. You can find this information in your insurance contract or ask your insurance company if your building is required to have plenum cables in their HVAC and air duct systems. 

Plenum Is Safer Than PVC Cables

Electrical cables and Velcro cable wraps that advertise as being plenum-rated means the product was manufactured with the highest quality industry standards used by professionals who deal with wires and HVAC systems all day.

Fire-Retardant Cable Wraps

Plenum-rated cable ties are what most electricians and HVAC contractors prefer for their cable management projects. It’s vital that you know and ask your HVAC contractor or electrician if they use plenum-rated cable products. If they don’t understand what plenum is, you should find a different contractor.