Enjoy The London Night Life In Style!

London is one of the busiest cities in the world with thousands of tourists visiting every year. The city is well known for its rich history and with it there are a number of museums and historic sites that both locals and visitors get to learn more about London. London has the world’s finest hotels and facilities to ensure that every visitor is comfortable making it a vacation destination.

If you are a visitor in London and you have a bunch of friends that would love to experience the city’s late night action in style, start by booking London bus hire to ensure that you get to and fro your destination safely. Here are some of the London’s best spots to be at night.

Blind Spot

Blind Spot is one of the best bars in London. This bar opens to a few in the know and it has a hidden door which is set behind the St. Martins Lane Hotel. This bar is perfect for people who love mystery since behind the doors lies a hedonistic, glamorous world. The place is set in decadent furnishings and patrons enjoy fine dining and cocktails all night long while enjoying live music.

Firmdale Film Club

If you are more into cultural nights, the Firmdale Film Club would be the ideal place to be. The club offers private film screenings with dinner. They also serve a variety of drinks ranging from Pommery to champagne. These film screenings are held at Charlotte Street, Soho or Covent Garden Hotels. Who says you cannot be self-indulgent while being intellectual at the same time?

Radio Rooftop Bar

The nightclub is situated on a rooftop venue where the first BBC airwaves were launched hence the name. The rooftop nightclub overlooks the city and scenery at night is just amazing. This is a perfect joint for a group of friends since you can enjoy the cocktails available as you dance to a variety of tunes being played. Since it has its roots from the radio, this joint is famous for hosting the best DJ’s in the city.


Want a taste of heaven? This nightclub is made of three floors and the whole building is set up with a great light shows and sound system. The Heaven Club hosts one of the biggest weekday club night every Monday starting from 11pm. Every Saturday, the club holds regular live music events and G-A-Y night. If you are looking for a fun night full of dance and drinks then you need to head down to Heaven Nightclub.

These are just a few joints that you and your friends can visit in London at night. There are great places where groups of people can have quiet dinner together or even go to cultural events. The city also has the best joints for those looking for a wild night of drinking and dance. Booking a bus hire is the best way to start a fun night out since you are assured of safety and comfort at the same time.