5 Things to Consider When Travelling to Thailand

Thailand is one of the world’s hottest travel destinations right now and with white sandy beaches, azure waters, bustling cities and friendly people – this certainly comes as no surprise. Another thing that swings in Thailand’s favour is that it is incredibly cheap to travel to. The diversity in accommodation makes it the perfect destination for just about every traveller; there’s something for billionaires, nomads, backpackers and everything in between.

So, you’ve decided that Thailand is going to be your next adventure, but you have no idea what to expect and therefore are not too sure on how to plan your trip. These are the 5 things that you should remember when travelling to Thailand:

Culture and religion

Most of the country is Buddhist, and there is also a healthy population of Muslim Thais, and thus it’s important to respect the rules, beliefs and regulations when travelling to the country. While the south of the country is a lot more lax when it comes to covering up – be sure to pack clothes that go below your knees and cover your shoulders for when you visit temples and other holy places.

Culture is also a huge thing in Thailand and there are a few simple rules to remember: never touch a local Thai person’s head as it is extremely disrespectful and the same goes for showing the bottom of your feet.


Getting around Thailand is fairly easy but will depend on your adventurous nature too. Taxis and buses are in abundance for those wanting to take the easy route around town, but keep in mind they are a little pricier. If time isn’t your friend, then flying is a great option – but for the more adventurous souls – we would advise travelling by local tuktuk, or songthaew (red bus). The absolute best way to get around (only for the brave) is by hiring your very own scooter. It’s the easiest way to find your own way around and stumble upon hidden gems, however, always remember your helmet.

Things don’t always go to plan

In Thailand they have a saying “Mai pen rai” which basically means “not to worry” or “no problem” that is used to explain away almost every kind of situation. The thing is that life is fairly laidback in Thailand and sometimes things don’t go according to plan – it’s best to have a backup plan of some sort, like having websites such as airporthotels.com on hand or some other contact which you can get hold of should you get delayed or find yourself stranded at an airport or bus station.

The weather

While Thailand definitely has seasons, it is bound to be hot and humid for long periods of your stay in the country. The seasons vary throughout the country, for example, the north gets very cold in December while the rest of the country is getting a deluge in warm rain. Remember to check the weather for when you are visiting and pack appropriately. Also keep in mind that there are a variety of landscapes in Thailand – cityscapes, mountain ranges and beaches – each will have an effect on the clothes that you need to pack.