One week in Italy – Cities you shouldn’t miss

Planning your next vacation should not be a difficult task, especially with stunning destinations like Italy. The one-of-a-kind country, with a friendly climate, welcoming and relaxed locals and amazing food, seems to be the perfect travel destination for those trying to unwind for a week. Also, with special transportation services via Pullman Napoli Fiumicinodestinations, you can be sure you will have a calming way on your way to an unforgettable holiday experience. Below are some of the must-see cities in Italy.

Florence, the city of Renaissance

Flourishing with touristic attractions that can be traced back to the Renaissance era, Florence is a city everybody should see if the occasion of visiting Italy ever occurs. With its emblematic Ponte Vecchio, many consider it one of the most romantic cities around the world. Uniting the two parts of the city, divided by the Arno River, this architectural wonder dates from the 12th century. Of course, on each side of the river, visitors can lay back and relax tasting some Italian cuisine delicacies, having a sip of wine or simply visiting the endless stores and shops. Also, when in Florence, make sure you squeeze in your schedule a visit to Santa Maria del Fiore, a stunning piece of architecture, one of the most beautiful churches around the world.

Naples, the home of pizza

Food enthusiasts, behold! While you plan your trip to Italy, make sure you include Naples as well on your itinerary. After all, it is the birthplace of pizza. And besides their emblematic pizza napoletana marinara, maybe you would like to introduce yourself to the local’s intriguing customs of dealing with their dead and adopt a skull. Yes, you are reading correctly. A custom with roots in obscure medieval times, it was preserved throughout the centuries, many practicing it even in our present days. People are supposed to take care of the bones of unknown dead, while their spirits should protect their caretakers. And, when in city, make sure you visit the Purgatorio church, a piece of stunning architecture, opened exclusively on Saturday mornings.

From Rome, with love

No one should miss this stunning city if they ever travel to Italy. With plenty of touristic attractions, delicious food and beverages, a colorful history visible in the relics gathered throughout the centuries, Rome can become easily the go-to city for those always in love. All attractions, including the Colosseum, can fire one’s imagination and taste for adventure. After all, in the enormous construction, built between 71-81 AD, took place bullfights, gladiator fights, chariot fights, all for the amusement of the noble class of ancient of Rome. While in the city, you might want to consider a day trip to Assisi, an emblematic jewelry of gothic architecture preserved until present times. Also, you want to make sure you visit the Basilica di San Francesco when in the village.

These are few of the destinations you can enjoy during your vacation in Italy. Make sure you consult other touristic guides, because you want to make sure you check all those touristic hot spots.