Tour De Indonesia with Intact Travels


The official name of Indonesia is the Republic of Indonesia, and its capital city is Jakarta. Intact Travels is offering the best travelling plans for you to enjoy a vacation on the beautiful beaches and islands of Indonesia with your loved one and family. We are an offering countless packages for you to explore Indonesia and take a round trip Bali and Java. Other than these, there are also many other Indonesia round trips available to choose from.

The official language of Indonesia is BahasaIndonesian, but there are multiple languages that are spoken there. The beautiful green forests covering the pavements and the white sand beaches with crystal clear water, Indonesia is heaven on earth.

Highlights of Indonesian Tour

Although the tour encompasses a journey throughout Indonesia, the main highlights remain to be Bali and Java. The highlights of the tour include

  • Imposing volcanoes that magnify in beauty on eruption
  • Spectacular, mind-blowing temples of Borobudur and Prambanan
  • Landscapes and green shades of forest
  • Lush rice fields and terraces
  • Crystal clear water beaches
  • Sunrise and Sunsets at Mount Bromo
  • Mountaineering and hiking over the Muntigunung village
  • Night beach theme parties
  • Bali; the island of the Gods 

Explore Indonesia

In Indonesia, you will experience a fascinating world of other cultures, with many rites and ceremonies. Find evidence today and traces ancient cultures, living traditions, breathtaking volcanic landscapes, dense rainforests, green rice terraces, white beaches and deep blue sea with a rich variety of marine life and unique plant and animal species.

Be enchanted by the unique witnesses of past Buddhist and Hindu civilizations in Central Java, dramatic volcanic landscapes in East Java, Hindu festivals in Bali and especially the hospitality and joie de vivre of the Indonesians.

Travel advice for Indonesia

Discover Yogyakarta, the interesting city in the south of Central Java, in a traditional horse-drawn carriage and visit the coffee shops in the old town and a chocolate factory.

The nearby largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia, Prambanan, explore by bike, the local transport number one.

The impressive buildings Prambanan belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This includes the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world, Borobudur.

The city Malang has a certain colonial nostalgia preserved and has magnificent residential area and is one of the most beautiful cities in Indonesia. Around the volcano Bromo drives past tobacco fields and sugar plantations, before other volcanoes in East Java let the landscape almost seem a bit unreal. Then you can relax on the beaches of neighboring island of Bali, to participate in a dolphin watching trip and bathing in hot springs.

In Indonesia, a tropical climate, which is, however, tempered by the sea breezes something. So they are in the coastal areas at about 24 to 35 ° C and in the mountains at 16 to 26 ° C. Humidity is high. In the mountains, the air at night often cools strongly. Although Indonesia is a year-round destination, is the best time during the months of May to October since then almost all the dry season and the rain probability is very low.