Tourist Guide to Scooter City Tour Barcelona

Joining a Vespa scooter city tour Barcelona is safer than hiring the scooter because it is likely that you don’t know about the highway rules. Breaking the traffic rules can lead you to being apprehended by the police and get a traffic ticket. It is more dangerous to drive alone as there will be a lot of bikes speeding on the highway. When you are in a group tour, it is safer because the guide will use the safest way to get you to the tourist destinations.

The city tour guide will stop by at every attraction for some time so that you can spend some time to snap some photos and explore the place yourself. The guide is knowledgeable about the sights and he will be giving a brief introduction to the area. The advantage is that you will get to visit places that are usually not included in a traditional tour package. The stops that are covered in the package may vary across the companies and you should inquire them for the full list of places that they will take you to visit.

The scooter tour vesping guide is fluent in English as well as other languages so it should not be a problem when communicating your needs. Nowadays, you don’t have to visit the scooter rental shop to book the scooter. You just simply have to go to the website of the scooter rental shop to book your scooter. After you have book it online, you can go to the shop at the time they meet to start the tour. They may offer a discount for the GPS scooter if you want to hire it to explore the area on your own after the city tour ends.

If you hire the GPS scooter, you will be able to take the scooter to anywhere you want without having to follow the lead of the guide. The scooter is all yours and you can drive it all day long for 24 hours without having to return it to the shop. You only return it to the shop at the end of the rental period. If you want to thoroughly explore Barcelona and see all the sights, it is recommended that you hire the scooter for at least 2 – 3 days.

You must remember to return the Vespa scooter at the due time otherwise they will charge you extra fee. Most of the time, they will give you free full tank and you only need to spend about 4 – 6 euros for a complete refuel. Scooter is a very common mode of transportation among the locals so you can expect to find a lot of parking spaces to park the scooter.