Finding Peace and Inner Calm Is Simple at Beautiful La Tania

The stresses of life may get to you, leaving you to become tired and lacking energy. For some people, the best and easiest solution is to go to a place that exudes peace and calmness, while others simply want to retreat away from their busy lives and into quiet solitude.

Going on a break or holiday is the perfect opportunity to either enjoy with family and friends, or spend time by yourself. It also serves as a great way to forget the busy work life for a while, at least for a few days.

Finding Time For Oneself

More than having fun, enjoying a holiday is a way of rejuvenating yourself after long of hours of work. Failing to take a break from a hectic lifestyle may lead to unhealthy consequences. We all need to spare some time for ourselves, or else we may end up too exhausted and frustrated with life.

Although sleep may be the easiest solution to find solace and energy, sometimes we just need to go out, be in a different environment, and feel a sense of total freedom from all the stress around us. Taking a holiday may just be the best solution! Wouldn’t you want to see the beauty of the world other than the four corners of your office?

The Best Holiday You Can Have

Get the time off as soon as you can! First, you need to check for the lowest rates available so that you can save up on ticket costs and splurge on luxuries once you reach your destination.

Going to the beach may not always be the best choice especially during the cold seasons. However, that should not stop you from enjoying the holiday that you have always wanted.

For a change, why not have your ski holidays in the French Alps? It would be an exciting time to have fun in the snow! Aside from being close to nature, you can experience that feeling of joy and peace within you once you get a chance to see just how beautiful the place is.

La Tania is the one of the biggest and best ski resorts found at the Courchevel area of Les Troi Vallees. Developed back in 1992 for the Albertville Olympics, the resort has a height of 1400 meters above sea level. The skiable area is around 46 hectares, 38 snow cannons and boasts off 8 lifts systems.

La Tania houses many famous ski schools in France, including the following:

  • Ecole du ski Francais (the largest ski school in France)
  • Supreme Ski and Snowboard school
  • Magic in Motion
  • New Generation
  • Ultimate Snowsports
  • Momentum Ski Camp

Three pistes wind down through the forest into the village from the top of the gondola. It also has a free beginner’s drag lift, which runs throughout the season.

An astounding number of 260,000 skiers per hour can be accommodated by 175 lifts in 2500 hectares of pistes, with roughly 600 kilometers in length that has 293 marked runs and about 130 kilometers of cross country tracks. There are also 320 ski patrollers to ensure safety of guests and over 1500 instructors who can provide assistance to those who want to learn how to ski.


The Snow Retreat

You will never get bored with the different slopes that La Tania can offer. Some pistes are too steep, while some can be too fast. You would definitely enjoy this majestic place and what it has to offer.

Among all the pistes in La Tania, here are some of the favorites: Folyères, Jerusalem, Cospillot, Murs, Park City, Lapin, Allemands, Combe Pylones, Jockeys, Combe de Rosael, Combe du Vallon, Goitshell, Beranger, and Rochers.

The Courchevel Valley

Courchevel has an excellent view of Belleville and Mont Blanc. It has the most number of different ranges of skiing Trois Vallées, which provides the opportunity for every skier from novice to expert. Courchevel 1850 provides one of the best ski resort experiences for people of different skiing skill levels.

The Couloirs goes down the North Col of Saulire. You need to ski down to Combe de Saulire and turn left off the piste from Sous-pylons, Emile Allais and Grand Couloir.

The Grand Couloir is the widest and considered the easiest among the three. Falls can be frequent on this side, but rarely do skiers sustain any injuries from the fall.

There are different routes in going to Sous-pylons, and they can all be seen from the cable car. You start at the ridge path by skiing your way through a cornice where there is a short drop off.  This may be the steepest and most intimidating couloirs, but some people beg to disagree saying that it is the easiest.

Between Sous Pylons and Grand Couloir is Emile Allais. This is the hardest to find and the trickiest, and therefore only few skiers would attempt at taking this side of La Tania.

Precautionary Measures When Skiing

Skiing may be fun, but we should never forget that we should always be properly geared up to prevent injuries. Skiing may be a bit on the edge, so it is better not go out alone. Just in case you meet an accident, there would be someone who can call for help.

Don’t make the mistake of going to the Alps without anyone who knows the route or has a good skill level in skiing. Otherwise, stay on the safe side and go to places that are marked as safe.

It might be a good idea to bring a transceiver, which will be very helpful should you happen to meet an accident. That way, it would be much easier for rescuers to track you down. It could also prove to be an efficient communication device especially in areas of La Tania where mobile connectivity may be inconsistent.


For people who love watching spectacular views instead of skiing, La Tania houses some of the most beautiful snowparks in the region. There is a park near the Plattiers 2 gondola station called Area 43. Meanehil, the Moon Park above Méribel is a large installation with plenty of people and it is where competitions are held regularly.

La Tania Nightlife

La Tania is famous not only for its ski resorts but also for its bars and restaurants where young adults and visiting tourists usually hang out. Some of the favorite spots include the following:

  • Pub Le Ski Lodge – It is the definitive tourist-attractive place in La Tania. Get to enjoy drinks such as Murphys, Heineken, Youngs Bitter, Ski Lodge Cocktails, Budweiser and a lot more.
  • Hotel Telemark Bar & Bistro Restaurant – Cocktails are very affordable. They also offer occasional live acoustic music.
  • Chrome Bar – This was originally called Le Farcon, and is a perfect place where people can enjoy their favorite drinks while listening to good music.

La Tania offers so many places to make your ski holiday fun and memorable. Aside from skiing and dining in popular restaurants and bars in the location, you will definitely love the majestic views that La Tania offers and the unfamiliar longing for a newly visited place. One thing is for sure: when you get back to your usual busy life, there’s a big chance that you will miss the calmness and peace that La Tania provides.

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