Is Your Online Business Failing? What Is Your Business Strategy?

Having a business strategy plan or portfolio is essential to any business. A strategy is like a track to run on. If you have no strategy and just try to let it happen, it will happen alright, but not in a good way.

If you are failing in your business, that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. A failure is someone that gives up after facing a few obstacles. So refuse to give up and refuse to fail. Having an identified business strategy will help you avoid obstacles that may tempt you to give up.

What is a business strategy? A ‘business’ is defined as the buying and selling of goods and services. A ‘strategy’ is defined as a careful plan or method of achieving an end result. A ‘Portfolio’ is defined as a folder or book that holds your written plans. So basically your business strategy portfolio is your carefully defined written strategy for building your business.

Would you start a business without a business plan? Not if you needed start-up capital from a lending institution. They won’t lend a dime without a business plan. If you were to invest, say $1,000,000, into a brick and mortar business or franchise, would you have a carefully pre-defined plan as to how you were going to run and build that business? Of course you would, unless you just have millions to throw away.

So that begs the question. Why would or do most online marketers get into business without the first idea or clue as to how to build that business? Probably the reason they got into the online business in the first place was in pursuit of a dream. A dream of something better. A dream of more time, more money, more freedom.

If you have an online business, what is your job description? If you are in the business of internet marketing, your job description is to sale and promote your product. Plain and simple. You promote your product over and over to the best of your ability. You can do this multiple ways with different advertising methods. There are free methods, paid methods and social methods. You can even create an affiliate marketing program and get others to promote your product or products for a commission. Or, you can promote someone else’s product as an affiliate. But, in the end, you are in the business of internet marketing, the promotion and sale of a product.

How does a doctor get paid? By seeing patients right? How does a pilot get paid? By flying planes right? How does a barber get paid? By cutting hair right? The point is if you want to get paid in your business you have to take action. Pre-defined action with a plan.

If you are in the business of online network marketing do you want to get paid? Of course you do. So your job description is simple. You promote your product or service on a daily basis and teach others to do the same. Everything in your business plan as an online network marketer should revolve around that statement. Let me say it again. Your job description is ‘You talk to people everyday about your products or business opportunity and teach others to do the same’. How you talk to people everyday about your product or service will vary. But the end result is that if you don’t talk to people everyday about your product or opportunity daily your business will not grow and you will not get paid.

So if you are contemplating and online or offline business, develop your business strategy. Develop that strategy and commit it to writing. Refer to it often and make necessary changes when needed. But most importantly, when you face obstacles, don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.

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