Leaving for a year-long travel experience?

Here’s how you can keep your home and valuables safe

Sometimes, travelling means to worry about your property and the safety of your valuables. However, once you booked the flight tickets, there is no turning back. Regardless, certain small adjustments will help you have your peace of mind, especially if you travel for a longer period. Below are some tips from experts that teach us how to deal with potential burglars when travelling.

Rent a storage unit and take all your valuables there

For long-haul travellers, this may be the best solution. Storage units have increased security and surveillance as well as on-site security teams. If you have some expensive valuables inside your house, there shouldn’t be any trace of hesitation on your part. Luckily, storage units with increased security levels are available throughout the United States, and you can choose from storage units Oakland located to storage units in any other state. Also, you should know by now that for those items that have certain climate requirements, you have the option to choose a climate-control unit and preserve those in perfect shape, regardless of your vacation’s duration.

Prepare the inside of your home

After you establish what valuables have to be stored in a unit with high security levels, make sure that you pay attention to the following inside your home.

  • All the interior lights should be set on timers. This will make it appear that the home is inhabited and will intimidate the thieves.
  • Make sure to disconnect all the appliances in case of a power surge. Also, especially if you travel for longer, you should make sure that you empty your refrigerator and disconnect it as well. If you have the possibility, invest in a surge protector and plug your appliances in it for increased safety.
  • Communicate with your security company; let them know that you’ll be away for a longer interval and make sure that you set your alarms properly.

Your yard has to be prepared as well

Most importantly, you should discuss with a landscaping company before you leave and have the take off all the branches that will allow easy access inside your property. Don’t let the company know the exact purpose, only communicate what branches you would like be have removed. Arrange with a neighbour to have your papers and mail picked up periodically. This will leave the impression that the property is inhabited. Your exterior lights should also be set on a timer to create the impression that somebody is still at home. Your garage door has to be locked, even if the garage doesn’t communicate with the rest of your home.

These are some preventive measures all keen travellers have to take in order to protect their properties while away from home. Even if you think that you have your property perfectly secured, you still want to take all your valuables to a storage unit with increased security levels. Better safe than sorry and travellers surely know this already.