Get your connection at Suvarnabhumi airplane terminal

The important step’s done – you’re at last off what may have been a long plane ride to Thailand. Presently it’s only a zippy flight of a hour or so to Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi or Chiang Mai. Your get-away is so close you can touch it! While the flight exchange process at BKK couldn’t be less demanding, the obscure can be overwhelming – particularly when a large portion of your cerebrum has vanished with stream slack.

In a perplexing move for an aircraft that simply won World’s Best Regional Airline – Bangkok Airways has changed their stuff exchange strategy for travelers going on (An) in excess of one carrier on (B) in excess of one ticket.

For instance:

You’re flying from London Heathrow on Thai, at that point changing to Bangkok Airways in Bangkok to travel to Koh Samui.

Say, in the same way as other voyagers, you booked these tickets independently without anyone else sites. As of not long ago you could handle your packs at Heathrow and gather them in Samui – basically moving in Bangkok. Not any longer.

Presently – in a move that appears to rebuff the proficient and autonomous disapproved of explorer (or maybe Star Alliance contenders?) – you need to add a couple of irritating strides to accomplish the above.

Today, anybody with a different Bangkok Airways ticket should (1) gather their sacks in Bangkok and (2) check in for their second flight independently.

This remains constant for set out both to and from Koh Samui (or any residential Bangkok Airways goal).

Why the arrangement change?

In their words: To “appreciate cheerful excursion without tensions”. Having attempted the new reality, I’ll need to oppose this idea. What used to be cheerful will now, at occupied circumstances of year, include noteworthy pauses.

So – what are your choices? How to get around this new approach to appreciate the simple days of old?

On the off chance that you haven’t booked your tickets:

(1) Check that your second aircraft is recorded on this rundown of qualified bearers.

(2) If your second aircraft is qualified, you can book your Bangkok Airways flight under a similar ticket and skirt this rubbish altogether. To do this, have it issued through a movement specialist or call your second carrier’s ticket office and have them book your Bangkok Airways flight on a similar ticket.

Keep in mind the days when you could get things done for yourself, on the web? Never again!

In the event that you utilize this alternative and the outcome includes a spot lattice printer, please label me in the Instagram [@kohsamuiguide].

On the off chance that you, similar to me, discover this ‘lighthearted adventure’ arrangement enraging please email or Tweet your musings to Bangkok Airways: or @bangkok_airways.

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Your other alternative: fly Thai Airways

Presently, I’ve for quite some time been a Bangkok Airways fan yet, to me, this new strategy is garbage. In case you’re a Star Alliance part, I may recommend that you truly consider the twice-day by day Thai Airways flights from Bangkok to Koh Samui – which have zero things exchange intricacies. For this very reason, I’ve changed to Thai for residential associations myself and far incline toward a hour’s parlor time to a relentless race through each floor of BKK.

On the off chance that you have booked your Bangkok Airways tickets as of now:

Expect that your packs will be checked to Bangkok as it were. You should gather them and re-check them for your forward flight. In the event that you have a tight exchange time, consider booking VIP exchange and migration help – it truly makes a difference. Or then again, consider wiping out your Bangkok Airways ticket and getting a movement operator to rebook your current reservation under a similar ticket.

NOTE! Indeed – we attempted the self-evident! Indeed, even with no handled baggage and an ahead ticket for flight #2 prepared close by, you are still not permitted to travel in Bangkok. Regardless, you need to exit through baggage carousel in Bangkok and continue through takeoffs upstairs. Try not to accuse the errand person!

Different aircrafts: How to exchange to residential at BKK

This is your BKK exchange procedure of you’re flying with some other aircraft (like Thai Airways), or have accomplished the minor act of God of having two+ flights on one ticket.

Here’s the simple peasy, 7-step procedure to exchange from a global flight to a local flight at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. Regardless of whether you’re flying Thai or Bangkok Airways (see above for muddled drivel), the procedure is the same.

#1. Landing in BKK

Your l-o-n-g travel (regardless of whether flight or flights) to Thailand achieves happy conclusion the moment you touch down at BKK. In a split second, you get a feeling of the hot atmosphere, soon supplanted by close solidifying cooling (see what to wear at the airplane terminal). Everybody’s grinning at you – Welcome to Thailand.

#2. A long walk

To exchange to a residential flight, take after the yellow ‘exchange’ signs through the airplane terminal – they’re all over the place and exceptionally self-evident. You’ll soon be weaving and swimming through many take after the-signal Chinese visit gatherings… simply continue strolling! Likely you have a long stroll from your universal flight’s door to the exchange work area – in our experience Star Alliance flights are over a kilometer’s walk! In the event that your portable suitcase doesn’t have wheels, do your shoulders a major support and get a hand baggage truck – there are bounty accessible all through the terminal. On the off chance that you begin to question the length or your walk or have any inquiries, there are English-talking data stalls at around 1-minute interims en route. Or then again, set aside the opportunity to look at different obligation free shops as you go.

#3. Your ticket

Visit the exchange work area (in the event that you require a ticket): If you traveled to Thailand on an aircraft other than Thai or Bangkok Airways, you’ll likely need to gather your next ticket at the significant exchange work area. Following the yellow signs will lead you straight there, the two carriers’ work areas sit by each other. Delightfully, dissimilar to the fifth levels of hellfire at numerous U.S. airplane terminals, we’ve never observed a line at these exchange work areas – it resembles they’re there simply sitting tight for you. They’ll need 3 things at the exchange work area:

The gear label given to you at registration when you began your excursion (it’s little, square, sticky and has a standardized identification on it – most likely adhered to the back of a past ticket)

TIP! Presently’s an ideal opportunity to ask for a seat by the window in the event that you’d jump at the chance to stare at Thailand’s shorelines en route!

#4. Your entry/flight card

When you have your forward ticket, you’ll head through movement to formally enter Thailand. This is ideal by the exchange work area – no all the more strolling! Nearby some metal obstructions is a little work area where you have opportunity to fill in an entry/takeoff card on the off chance that you didn’t effectively (through you’ll have likely been given one on your past flight). It requests your inn address in Thailand – no colossal level of specificity is required, ‘Banyan Tree, Koh Samui’, for instance, is bounty. Before moving toward the movement counter, you’ll go through a carrier check – either a Thai or Bangkok Airways delegate watches that you have 3 things prepared in your grasp:

Your ticket

Your finished landing/flight card

Your travel permit – spare him or her a couple of moments by having your identification open to your ID page

#5. Migration

Next up, an inviting grin for the migration official. Indeed, even at top travel periods, we’ve never experienced over a moment’s hold up here, it’s exceptionally smooth. After a free for all of elastic stamping your takeoff card will be stapled to your international ID – to be evacuated when you leave Thailand.

#6. Security

Round the corner, you’ll experience security. We would say it’s a speedy procedure – while you have to expel your workstation from your pack they appear to be cheerful for it to remain in it case. Likewise expel your Ziplock sack of 100ml fluids, however no specific hoopla past that. We’ve never been requested to evacuate shoes or belts.

#7. Your door (and free espresso!)

Rising up out of security you’ll confront straight down the B concourse. It’s only entryways down there – the intriguing stuff is to one side. Turn left, towards A concourse, to locate some incredible little shops and a decent choice of spots to eat. In the event that you didn’t touch base with satisfactory footwear, now’s the opportunity to purchase Crocs or Havaianas. There’s a Boots drug store in the event that you require more sunscreen. Even better, around the bend past Boots is an awesome sustenance shop – Camden Food Co – with an extraordinary choice of take-away sandwiches. In case you’re flying Bangkok Airways you’ll probably be setting out toward Concourse A, which is simply further on past Camden Food Co. About mostly down the concourse is the Bangkok Airways Lounge – perfect to go through a couple of minutes with free WiFI and an exceptionally some espresso.

To what extent does it take to exchange at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi?

All the way, accepting a long yet sensibly lively stroll from an arriving flight, the procedure takes us around thirty minutes from arriving to pushing ‘AMERICANO’ on the Bangkok Airways Lounge espresso machine. With an effectively occupied gathering, full bladders, heaps of gear or youngsters to wrangle, accept somewhat longer – maybe 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

Ideally this facilitates any first-time or apprehensive voyager concerns – making all of you the readier to appreciate an impeccable occasion. Thank you very much!