1. Dropshipping

Do you want to sell products online, but don’t have enough money to purchase and store inventory? Consider dropshipping! Dropshipping is an alternative to managing physical products.

You only need to set up an online shop and find suppliers that are available to store, pack, and ship your orders. Dropshipping apps such as Automizely make it easy to find amazing products.

Shopify offers a dropshipping course that will teach you how to sell online without having to inventory. Dropshipping is a great option if you are looking for an easy way to start an online business. Dropshipping is a simple business to start, provided you have the right resources and tools.

2. Print on Demand

Print on Demand is a proven method to implement business ideas.

Print on Demand (POD), is where you can sell your custom designs on products like phone cases, mugs and t-shirts. However, you don’t actually print any artwork. Instead, you work with suppliers to print your design on the product. They even pack and ship the item to you so that you don’t need to worry about logistics. You only have to sell the product once. No sales equals no costs.

3. Translation

Multilingual people are in high demand. If you speak more than one language, you might consider starting a small business to monetize your skills.

Look for clients through Upwork or Flexjobs to build your client base. You can work with more companies and hire translators who are skilled in other languages as you gain experience. You can also market your business via social media sites, which can help you reach more people.

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Do you have only a few hours each day to work? You can schedule clients according to your availability by starting a translation business.

4. Website flipping

The latest business idea that has excited everyone, from recent graduates to work-at-home parents, is website flipping. This involves purchasing a website that is already in operation, then improving its design and content and selling it to make a profit.

You can sell or buy websites in many places. Shopify’s Exchange marketplace allows you to purchase ecommerce websites which you can then further enhance through content marketing, SEO, or other methods. You can sell your website on the Marketplace once it has started to generate more revenue that when you bought it.

5. Catering from Home

You can earn a decent living by starting a home-based catering company if you are a good cook and enjoy creative outlets.

The size of the business you wish to start will determine how much capital you need. If you start small events that you are able to manage yourself, you will be able start your business with a lower initial investment.

Home-based caterers usually start with a website and then experiment with local food markets or join platforms that allow chefs to make a living from their skills.

6. Walking dogs

It can be hard to keep up with your furry friend, especially if they are high-energy and have limited access to the outdoors. You’ll help pet owners keep their pets happy, healthy and active by being a professional dog walker.

There are no upfront investments required for dog walking other than insurance and marketing. You will be protected in the event of an accident, bites or unanticipated lawsuit. It is a smart idea to set prices that reflect your insurance costs. The average hourly rate should be between $30 and $60

7. Virtual assistance

Offering virtual assistant services is one of the most popular business ideas. Virtual assistants are needed by everyone, from solopreneurs to large corporations. Your organizational skills can help them to lift some weight. You’ll be paid for your time and effort in answering emails and scheduling meetings.

Responding to ads on sites like FreeUp, PeoplePerHour or Virtual Assistant Jobs can help you land your first clients. This business model is proven and people are always searching for virtual assistants who can be efficient.