Video Resumes Are Gaining Popularity Among The Recruiters After Pandemic

A huge part of our lives has gone online in the post-pandemic world. The Covid-19 pandemic has ended up redefining many things. It has forced us to take a second look at the way we live and conduct our business. We live in the new normal, and no one can deny it. There is a massive shift in the offline vs online ratio in our lives. Almost 85% of interviews are conducted online these days when it comes to jobs and interviews.

In this world, when everything is online, recruiters expect video resumes from candidates when they are looking for a job. Video is an excellent medium for creating a good impression. A lot of people were left jobless after the pandemic. However, written resumes are not enough anymore. Innovation has given birth to video resumes that offer recruiters a clear look at candidates’ personalities. It helps them understand the candidate better and select the right one for the job.

What are Video Resumes?

Videos resumes are short video clips recorded by a candidate looking for a job. The video may be posted on job portals or sent to recruiters personally. Just like written resumes, it must contain all relevant information about yourself such as your name, address, experience, skillset, projects and the like. You can shoot this video yourself or get professional help. The key is to highlight your core personality using clear and crisp communication. Video resumes can be helpful in all sectors but are more prevalent in specific areas such as teaching, public speaking, social media, sales, acting, performing, and so on.

Many companies such as Shopify, Target, NASCAR, Meredith, Chipotle, etc., promote video resumes over traditional written ones. These companies understand the value of knowing the applicants closely before hiring them. Video resumes make it much easier for companies to sort through the applications and move ahead with skilful candidates.

Why are Video Resumes Gaining Popularity?

Personalised and Polished Format: When it comes to written resumes, most candidates have a single resume which they use to apply to all companies, without considering the roles, responsibilities or the work culture of the company. As a result, they miss out on many opportunities. With video resumes, you can give a personalised touch each time you apply to a company by including details about the specific skills they require.

Easily Apply on Social Media: Many recruiters prefer to post openings on social media instead of job portals. Social media sites make the hiring process easier. Many companies these days are looking for creative candidates, due to which they prefer video resumes.

Trust Inducing: Recruiters can comprehend the authenticity of a candidate easily with the help of a video resume. This gives them a sense of confidence and trust which helps them move forward with the application.

Communication and other skills: The communications skills of a candidate are clearly visible in a video resume. Candidates can also easily highlight the skills required for the job, and recruiters get what they need from the desired candidates.

Easier to Track Applications: Video resumes make it extremely easy for companies to track their applications. This allows an organised hiring process for the recruiters.

Brief and Crisp: The pandemic has largely reduced people’s attention span. Keeping the video resume crisp and brief makes it more likely to get noticed by recruiters.

Keeps the applicant in Control: The candidate remains in complete control of the application. Video resumes give them the authority to refine it as much as they like and highlight the required skills.

Tips to Create a Good Video Resume

Looking to create a video resume that employers will notice? Here are some useful tips:

Write a Script

Just as you take time to create the best possible written resume, it will take some planning and effort to create a good video resume. The process can be streamlined by writing a script. Take highlights from your existing resume and narrate it to the camera. Mention the relevant skills you have and how you can be valuable to the particular company. Mention your work experience, your education and any other relevant information. Finally, rehearse the script well and many any adjustments if required.

Tell Your Story

Video resumes give a candidate an excellent chance to tell their own story. It is up to the recruiter to piece together a person from the text on a paper with written resumes. With a video resume, the candidate can share the relevant information from the background and connect with the employer better. Create a story around your experience and skills instead of simply listing your achievements.

Keep it Concise

Your video resume should not take too much of the recruiter’s time. Keep the video concise between 60 to 90 seconds. Time your recordings and shorten the script if required.

Provide a CTA

At the end of the resume, let the recruiter know what they need to do next to get in touch with you. Offer from a link to your online portfolio or visit your LinkedIn profile. If you are posting your video on YouTube, you can also add the link in the description.

Ensure Good Lighting

To ensure that your video resume looks professional, make sure to shoot it with decent lighting. You don’t need to buy a sophisticated setup. Just ensure that there is ample light on your face. Avoid standing directly under strong lighting as it can cast harsh shadows on your face. Use natural lighting by sitting in front of the window and placing the camera between the window and you.

Choose Reliable Video and Audio Sources

Go for an external mic and camera to get a higher quality output. The video will turn out decent with a webcam and good lighting but upgrade to a DSLR camera with high definition quality. For mic, you can go for a lav mic or shotgun mic.

Boost Your Confidence

If you are new to being on camera, do enough rehearsals and build your confidence. Practice your script multiple times in front of the mirror, focusing on facial expressions and body language. Make sure your posture is upright, relax your neck muscles and keep your shoulders back. When shooting, look into the camera confidently as if you are looking into the interviewer’s eyes.


Video resumes are like a focused pitch to the employer to establish an impressive image. Numerous companies not post job openings on social media sites to attract more creative candidates. Video resumes are a great way to show recruiters that you are creative and confident. It gives the candidate an edge over the other candidates. Create an impressive video resume for yourself today and start applying for jobs using it to receive more positive responses.