Steve Lesnard’s Role in Creating the Reset Normal Campaign

The outdoors has recently become the hideout for many people in 2020 following the Covid-19 outbreak as many restaurants and venues shut down. At least there is social distancing in picnic places and hiking areas so people can find a solace there.

During the pandemic on October 15th, the North Face launched a Reset Normal campaign that encouraged people to reestablish their typical lives through exploration. The campaign aimed at making the outdoors more friendly for people of color living in areas:

  • That have flawed nature
  • Facing racism

The North Face launched the campaign using a motivational video that was powered by creative agency Sid Lee. The video showcased the critical moments 2020 brought and demonstrates how nature exploration can assist people in revamping their lives.

Through hiking, people can relate to different life struggles when they climb up and come down. They learn how to cope with the challenges they face in life and pinpoint where their strengths lie. By exploration, people can identify who they are, who they will become, and the legacy they will leave behind.

The North Face went to the extent of pledging $7 million to fund the outdoors campaign via a global leadership scheme in collaboration with climbers Jimmy Chin and Waithe. The company chooses to work with Waithe and Jimmy because they had an underlying history of bringing change in their current industries.

The North Face Facebook Comeback

With the widespread use of the internet and advanced technology, every brand spurs awareness through their favorite social media platform and influence direct communication with potential consumers and fans.


The company plans on extending its exploration campaign on Instagram and TikTok. He has gathered brand ambassadors and partnered with athletes to create videos that showcase their projects of resetting back to normal in 2020.

The advertisement through social media platforms is meant to speed the campaign’s reach and motivate social audiences to spread the information to vie for change.

Steve Lesnard’s Role in Gucci and The North Face Collaboration

Steve Lesnard Reset Normal campaign and his love for nature seem to have caught Gucci’s creative director’s attention. Gucci collab recently with The North Face company; the initiators of the innovation expedition gear.

Not long ago, the team came up with a film shoot directed by Tom Shea which featured a batch of Gucci-clad models jumping across an alpine landscape sketch with bright 1970’s-inspired jackets, skirts, and jumpsuits.

The combination of Gucci wear and nature was epic as models’ photos were taken in the background of craggy mountains in Gucci labels. Generally, the campaign reminds people of the snaps they used to take on holidays with their family and friends before the pandemic happened.

This collaboration promoted business in the wild, thanks to Steve Lesnard’s ideas. Gucci has since then designed strong leather hiking boots made with Goodyear-beat soles, hiking backpacks made of ECONYL, which is a leading nylon material made from regenerated fish carpets and net fabrics.

The working together of the two leading companies is an example of collaboration at its best. When two influential forces come together for a common good, new good things happen and this can take the world by storm.

Now, The North Face and Gucci’s sleeping bags and tents, engulfed in a dated, logo-collage print, are trending all over the internet with huge sales.