Take a Tour of Thailand for Your Next Family Vacation

Finding a great place for a family vacation can be harder than it seems. After all, there are so many different variables which go into planning a quality vacation for yourself. Now, imagine planning and paying for a whole family’s worth of people, taking into account all their individual wants and needs and trying to create and experience that you’ll all remember for a lifetime. It’s challenging, to be blunt, but incredibly rewarding when done correctly.

Enter Thailand. When it comes to Asian getaways, there are few options as fresh and exciting at the present moment than Thailand. With an amazing blend of the old and new, Thailand is the perfect mixture of somewhere a bit off the beaten path and international notoriety, and taking a tour of Thailand can be perfect for fashioning memories that will last a lifetime. From the bustling beauty of Bangkok to the solitude of the Thai countryside, the following are a few travel ideas for those looking to take a tour of Thailand.

Amphawa by the Water

This is one of the truly unique shopping centers in all of East Asia. Anyone who’s ever been to Venice knows how magical it can feel to go through the grandeur of the old city on a gondola. Amphawa is Thailand’s answer to that, itself being a waterborne city and shopping center. Row or sail from shop to shop, seeing all manner of different Thai delicacies and exotica, all while taking in the natural beauty and wonder of life on the river. It’s one experience that’s truly different and sure to make for great memories and stories to tell friends and family.

The Beauty of Bangkok

Bangkok is, in a sense, emblematic of the marriage between the old and new which is so much a part of Thai life and culture. On the one hand, there is much here to recommend from centuries past, when Thailand was Siam and one of the most wealthy and majestic monarchies in the region. Everything from old palaces to amazing museums, to some of the oldest and most amazing Buddhist sites are all on display here, and symbolic of Thailand as a whole, look absolutely stunning. There is also the newer side of Bangkok, a modern day metropolis that’s a major part of the East Asian economy and always bustling with trade. From fine dining to fashion, you can’t beat a walk in Bangkok.

Chiang Mai and the Golden Triangle

Situated on the banks of the river, and in a lush area which was formerly one of the opium-growing capitals in all East Asia, this locale offers an unmissable opportunity to get in touch with the Buddhist and natural side of Thailand. Chiang Mai and the Golden Triangle features everything from some incredible statues of the Buddha to tours which let you ride elephants—and really, what could make for more memorable Thailand family holidays than that?

All in all, Thailand offers a fantastic opportunity for you and your family to see and experience some great cultural treasures of the past and present.