How to Convert Travel Shows for Mobile Phones

Before you travel to a new and exciting destination why not discover a bit more about it? By watching some of the travel shows that are available online you will be able to find out more about your destination and may even be able to pinpoint some interesting places to visit or dine at, gain some insight into the local culture, or learn how to get around.


Some travel shows may even help you to discover sights that are off the beaten path. Generally these tend to be the shows that are created by backpackers and explorers who prefer to visit the places that locals visit as opposed to sticking to the normal tourist venues. On the other hand you may like the tourist venues, in which case you can just as easily find travel shows that deal with them.

With so much useful information available in travel shows, the only thing that would be better than watching them would be to take them with you so that you can refer to them while you’re actually traveling. Considering most mobile phones nowadays are able to play videos, you could certainly transfer it over – but the format may be an issue, which is why you may need to convert it.

Even if you haven’t converted videos in the past, doing so is actually a piece of cake with Movavi Video Converter. On your part all you need to do is add the travel show that you want to convert, choose a format, and click the ‘Convert’ button to get it started.

Also, Movavi Video Converter includes several other features that will give you some interesting options. Its can trim and join video segments, improve the video quality, insert text fields, and crop or rotate the video orientation.

The reason these features are interesting is because it will mean that you could use them to ‘cut out’ the important bits of information from your travel show. Once you do, you can choose to either save them as short individual clips, or compile them into a single reference video.

Of course the real trick is knowing what formats are compatible with your mobile phone, as well as what video settings should also be altered to optimize it. That part is a bit more difficult, but fortunately Movavi Video Converter comes with presets that cater to all sorts of mobile devices and will handle it accordingly. On the other hand if you want to convert your videos by manually selecting a format you can opt to do so as well – for example, you could use the software as a WMV converter to switch WMV videos to a more mobile-friendly format.

All said and done, it really doesn’t get much easier to convert and prepare travel shows for use on mobile phones. The next time you go on a trip you should definitely give it a try so that you can see for yourself how convenient it is.