The Mindset for Business Success or Failure

Why Businesses Fail

It’s a fact of business that businesses fail because of a lack of funding and investment, and a lack of skills and knowledge about your chosen industry.

Bloomberg state that a huge 80%, 8 out of 10 businesses fail as part of a general statistic, attributing failure to simply running out of cash. Surely given this huge statistic of business failure why do businesses keep on failing at such a high rate, and what can we do about it?

A vital area that many people fail to recognize, often when they become absorbed in their businesses. By the very nature of business it can be all-consuming and distract you from identifying some disparities with a profitable business success formula.

Between 80-90% of business owners don’t recognize the correlation or the relationship between two belief systems.

These belief systems consist of knowledge of themselves on a subconscious level, and knowledge of the fundamental areas in business. When these two belief systems work to compliment each other we become solution orientated and strive to achieve positive outcomes. Our motivations and goals are in equal alignment and work together harmoniously towards the goal of business success and profitability.

When these belief systems are in alignment success starts to happen and quite often it can be rapid. Business however is rarely smooth and business owners face daily challenges that can make us doubt the belief in ourselves, or our business intentions.

Situations can arise that can induce doubt or a lack of confidence. Different situation affect people in different ways, but confidence issues can cause a misalignment, even friction with these belief systems causing many people to question themselves and to question, perhaps even quit those intentions of achieving success regardless of how close they were to it, simply because those doubts have been left unmanaged and subconsciously they don’t see the potential in themselves.

A common challenge people face when developing an Internet business is information overload, raising doubt over their abilities to learn technical skills and apply Internet Marketing techniques, or dealing with the nay-sayers and negative people who enjoy casting doubt on your enthusiastic business plans.

If you allow these doubts to creep in and destabilize your knowledge and belief, alignment failure will be the result if left unchecked.

How To Succeed In Business

To succeed in business simply understand why businesses fail…

Success in business, hasn’t really got anything to do with business. Of course researching your market and supplying a solution to a specific problem, are the foundations of a potential business, but that’s not really business, that’s common sense!

… and common sense isn’t that common…

Success, has everything to do with being a successful person, and developing the success traits that you can adopt into any area of your life.

How many people do you know that have always earned the same level of income, or always had the same lifestyle? What about that person that’s always short of money (we all know them!).

And of course there are the stories of the bankrupt millionaire who made his money back from scratch within two years.

Businesses don’t really fail – people do…

The way you succeed in business, is to succeed in yourself. Develop your mindset into an unshakable system that won’t be effected by negative influences or daily challenges.

So how can you do this..?

Your mind is directly effected by the information you put into it, just like a computer. The trouble is we don’t realise what information is being put into it, until you start consciously taking control of the information.

Information such as books audio’s, video and the people you associate with has a big influence.

If you spend your downtime working on yourself with personal development training, the time you spend in your business will be more productive and your belief systems and knowledge will be in alignment for you to profit and succeed in your business.

I appreciate many people are busy, so I produced an audio podcast entitled Developing The Mind of a Champion designed for you to understand this process for yourself, how to recognise your own behaviour patterns thoughts and actions based upon your own belief system and how you can change your belief system by re-programming your mind. This Podcast is available on my website.

The Internet Marketing Coach that never uses shampoo… Armed with years of business success and a film degree, John McLauchlan is on a mission to help ordinary people succeed with their Internet Marketing Business quests and the Author of the forthcoming book “Exposing The Warrior – How To Build Confidence For Life.