Top 5 Places that You Can Visit for Free in Vienna

There are times when you agree to pay loads of money to do something somewhere, and there are other times when you refuse to pay a penny for something that can be seen from outside. Regardless if you’re an economic person to begin with or you are simply low on cash at the end of your vacation, there are still places that you can see in Vienna for free or at extremely low prices. Vienna is decorated by countless monuments that are of great importance to their heritage.

  1. Museums

You probably didn’t expect indoor places to provide free passage, but here it is. There are some museums in Vienna that, on certain dates – like the first Sunday of every month – the entrance is free. You just need to keep an eye out! Plus, there are museums that always provide afree entrance. These museums are Musa, Bezirksmuseen, Kunsthalle am Karlsplatz and the Geldmuseum. Plus, in most of the main museums, kids up to 19 years old have a free pass – so that’s good too!

  1. Schönbrunn garden

This garden belongs with the Schönbrunn castle, which was once an imperial residence. Considering that it is such a cultural heritage, you would think that you’d have to pay buckets of money to see it. But guess what: it’s free! Indeed, you will have to pay a fee if you want to enter the castle itself, but the gardens are free to the public. You can take a stroll through the gardens and then go up the Gloriette to see the entire Schönbrunn grounds.

  1. Donauinselfest

The Donauinselfest is a music festival that is considered a cultural tradition to the Viennese people – and is completely free of charge. Of course, you’ll have to pay for the drinks and foods that you consume, but otherwise, thepassage is free. With a program that goes over 600 hours and spreads over 11 stages, it’s no wonder that almost 3 million people drop by every year.

  1. Summer Cinema

From the end of June and to the beginning of September, the Rathausplatz hosts something which is known as the Film Festival. When night falls, visitors can see movies on a 300 square meter screen – all from the world of opera, jazz, ballet, music and more.

  1. Hundertwasser House

While this attraction may not provide afree entrance on the inside – since it’s a residential house – it’s very impressive (and free) to look at from outside. Lots of crazy colors, trees coming from inside the windows, shapes and swirls everywhere – the artist definitely let himself go crazy with this one.

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