Tips for a Short Weekend Break in London for a Solo Traveler


A solo trip to London might sound daunting but there are lots of reasons for believing that this could be one of the best city breaks that you ever have.

If you visit the UK capital on your own then the following are some tips for making the most of it.

Use the Tube

A short visit to a big city like London is going to see you spend a bit of time getting around the place. There is simply no getting away from the need to travel long distances between different parts of the city.

In the case of London, taxis are expensive and the bus system can be fairly confusing. Thankfully, the underground train system known as the Tube is fast and easy to use.

Travelling around in this way will save you a lot of time without costing too much money. In addition, it is great fun to travel alone on the Tube and see all the different characters that travel with you.

See the Big Sights

There is no way that you can hope to see everything that London has to offer in a single weekend. In fact, rushing around to try and do this is only likely to lead to a stressful and unsatisfying trip.

Instead, you should look to make a short list of the big sights that you really must see. For most people this will mean the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and Big Ben to start with.

Most of these attractions are reasonably close together and you can see them in a relaxed way. The fact that these parts of the city are always packed with tourists means that you won’t feel at all awkward being there alone.

If you have always dreamed of seeing these sights then a weekend trip is enough to get you started on this city. It is also tremendous value when you organize it with a site such as

Take a Walking Tour

While the tube offers the best way of getting around London, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do some walking as well. The UK capital is a magnificent city for walking around, as it is full of history and atmosphere.

For a solo traveler, the best idea is to join a walking tour. In this way, you can find out more about the city with the help of a guide and some company.

Many of the city’s best walking tours are themed around subjects such as famous ex-residents, ghosts or some other interesting aspect of London. They are generally very good value and some only require you to make a contribution rather than pay a fixed fee.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Nightlife

When you visit a big city like this on your own it easy to feel a bit timid or overwhelmed when it gets dark. This is especially true when you are there on a solo trip.

However, rather than staying in your hotel room it definitely makes sense to get out and make the most of the nightlife here. There is a terrific pub culture here, with welcoming bars to be found all over the city.

Among the most famous pubs here are the likes of The Albany, The Harp, and The Mayflower. A solo traveller looking for a few drinks and some good company can have a wonderful time in any of these places.

London is a far more welcoming city for solo travelers than it may first appear to be. By focusing on the most exciting things to do here you can make it a memorable stay in one of the world’s great cities.