Travel Trunk: Club Packing Easy Made

In my last blog, I talked about Travel Travel Trunk Club. They have made packing so easy for me. Travel Travel Trunk Club is here to help you, no matter if you are traveling for business or pleasure. Travel Travel Trunk Club was interested in learning more about the problems people have when packing for trips and discovered some incredible statistics about business travelers.

* 37% of respondents reported that they regularly travel for business purposes.

* 71% of respondents say they have combined vacations and business trips.

* 48% of people have experienced wardrobe problems while traveling for work (rips and spills, etc.).

* 22% reported that they change their clothes before Men’s Tennis Chain flying for business. This is something that 45% of people do at least occasionally.

* 25% of respondents say that they pack 24 hours before a business trip.

60% of respondents said they needed to buy clothing for a trip, and 43% said it was because of an unanticipated event.

I requested items that would be suitable for LA beaches in my last trunk. I loved how easy Travel Trunk Club made it for me to talk directly with my personal stylist via their app or desktop. You can share details about your trip monica travel, length, and clothing requirements with them to help you avoid packing problems. Your stylist will help you pack efficiently, giving you options for all scenarios. They’ll also recommend staple pieces that can be used for business trips or dress codes.

There are some things respondents repeatedly mentioned as problems when packing for their next vacation.

* 31% say it is important to pack in the local fashion scene.

51% of respondents say they pack clothes that blend in with local culture when traveling internationally or nationally.

* 36% of vacationers say they wear two outfits per day.

46% of respondents admitted to sometimes having trouble packing.

* 41% say packing is stressful when they travel.

* 62% admit to overpacking.

Travel Trunk Club is a great resource! The stylists can assist you in planning your trip by keeping up with the latest trends and styles. Their tips will help you look local and fit in wherever you go. Your carry-on luggage will not be overloaded by knowing which outfits are best suited for your destination and activities. They can also show you how to repurpose items so that your suitcase doesn’t look cluttered.