Ways to apply the best car wax

The purpose of waxing your car is more than just to give it an excellent shine. Surveys show, that the best way to maintain the finish and shine of the car is to polish and clean it regularly. The wax is beneficial in protecting the car against sun, debris pollen, tree sap bugs and bird droppings. Before buying a premium car wax, you should be aware of its quality. Contrary to conventional norms, premium car wash brands are not necessarily better than low priced alternatives.   You will find after experience that pastes and liquids were both equal in terms of performance. Both types of wax are equal in their ease of access. Before buying the perfect car wax is sure to read consumer reports. Consumer reports are the only unbiased guide to purchasing best car waxes.

Types of car waxes

  • Cleaner waxes are an efficient quality wax that is effective against cleaning your vehicle in just one chance. As opposed to the conventional type of waxes. Cleaner waxes are effective in accomplishing three degree of cleaning. The three steps are cleaning the car, providing it with a shine and applying a protective layer to its surface.   These cleaner waxes are best for situations in which you have to be somewhere in a rush and you deciding that the car does not look up to the mark.
  • Finishing wax is effective in adding a beautiful shine to the cars that are still relatively new. Unlike cleaner wax, the finishing wax does not possess strong chemicals that wipe out the debris from the paint.

Ways of car waxing

There are four methods of car waxing.

  • Liquid: A liquid car wash is easy to use and durable. It adds a glossy finish to the car surface and can be done quickly.
  • Rubbing compound: Rubbing compounds predominantly use abrasives. They are mainly used for the repairing of minor damages and scratches to the car. However fine or coarse the paint is rubbing compounds are effective in correcting them.
  • Spray: this is the least favorite amongst car owners. This is highly ineffective in alternating weather conditions. The effects of the car wax are not lasting and dissolve within a few weeks of input.
  • Paste: Paste waxes are the most durable of all car waxes. They are easy to apply and are longer lasting than liquid and spray waxes.

Ways of waxing the car

There are two ways of waxing the car, electric buffing and hand waxing.   Waxing the car can be therapeutic for some, sometimes when you get into the groove you don’t even realize what you are doing, you just do it. Hand waxing is like that. Take out the best car wax on a Sunday morning and do it. Also it is beneficial to use a clean and proper cloth for your hand waxing techniques. Electric buffing is a simple method to get the best results. All you have to do is to apply the polish to the car and let your electric buffer do the rest. Electric buffers are simple to use and can accomplish what the hand cannot.