5 Fantastic tourist spots to visit in the beautiful city of Dehradun

Famous for the abundance of natural resources and scenic locales, Dehradun attracts a lot of tourists each year. The capital city of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is situated in the Doon Valley at the foothills of the lower Himalayas. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous places to visit in Dehradun.

Dehradun is situated on the banks of river Ganga and Yamuna on its either sides. The city is also the capital of the state of Uttarakhand and carries a deep cultural significance in the region. If travelling for the first time, you can find some really interesting places to explore in the city. Dehradun’s proximity to other popular hill stations in the region like Mussoorie, also makes it a popular layover. Situated a little over 5 hours from the national capital, you can easily find a Dehradun to delhi cab to help you get back. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to explore in Dehradun.

Sahastradhara – This popular tourist spot in the region, whose name actually means ‘The Thousand Fold Spring’ is a must visit while traveling to Dehradun. Sahastradhara comprises of waterfalls, caves and few step shaped farm lands, creating a magnificent view of the countryside.

During summers you can go for a dip in the streams. There are few stalls near the tourist spot where you can get refreshments as you spend your day relaxing. There are few limestone stalactites and stalagmites in the caves, which could appear interesting to the kids.

Tiger Falls – Situated at an elevation of more than 1400 meters above sea level, the Tiger Falls plunge from a height of more than 50 meters. The waterfall is located amidst a picturesque setting with dense forests at the Himalayan foothills. There’s a small pond which is created by the converging waterfall, where you can enjoy the water. The entire spot is a fantastic place to enjoy a picnic with families and friends.

Robber’s Cave – The Robber’s Cave is a 600 meters long river cave which is also known as Gucchupani by the locals. The caves is divided into two halves with a 10 meter waterfall, but the actual thing this spot is famous for is its unique natural occuring called as the disappearing stream. As per the locals, the Robber’s Cave served as a hiding spot for criminals and dacoits during the British era, hence the name.

Tapovan – You might be knowing about Tapovan as the forest where according to the epic Mahabharata, Guru Dronacharya showed his reparation for the wrong. This famous pilgrim spot is situated on the banks of Ganga river and is revered by the Hindus. There’s also a beautiful garden in the region known as Nandavan which is famous for trekking trails.

Mindrolling Monastery – Established in 1965 by Buddhist monk Khochen Rinpoche, the Mindrolling Monastery is home to the Ngagyur Nyingma College which is considered to one of the largest Buddhist centres of learning in the country. The monastery complex consists of well maintained, beautiful gardens and giant Stupa, about 60 meters tall, containing hand engraved murals, relics and a golden statue of Lord Buddha measuring 35 meters in length.