5 Days Itinerary of Things to Reveal in Stockholm

Stockholm is not just a city, its beauty on water. Historically preserved and dynamically changing towards modern technology, this city is a blend of museums and state of the art tourist’s attractions.

The Swedish capital is spread over 14 islands and connected by 50 bridges. It is basically an archipelago in Baltic Sea. But this fact doesn’t make it difficult to travel. Instead, it is a lot easier to navigate. Bridges connect these Islands and you can walk or drive a car across them. You can also ride in ferries across the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm is one of the few cities in Europe where most of the people understand and speak English. So,after getting the basic knowledge of this Scandinavian city, you should start your search and compare flights in order to avail the cheapest flight. There are regular cheapest flights to Stockholm from UK, Ireland, France, Germany and etc. So, getting there is not a problem. On your behalf, we have already designed 5 days itinerary of things to do in Stockholm. We will be glad if you find our plan helpful in making your trip easy and enjoyable.

Day 1:

Start your first day by visiting Gamla Stan, the heart of Stockholm. This place is historically important as Stockholm was founded at this place in 1252 AD. Also known as the old town, it is one of the largest and historically preserved medieval city centers in Europe. Almost every place at Gamla Stan is like a living museum full of beautiful and historical highlights. Wander in its mended streets and see the Swedish Royal Palace. You can also try Swedish Fika.

After visiting Gamla Stan, you can take a walk on Strandvagen Boulevard. It was made for Stockholm World Fair in 1897 and today, the addresses on this Boulevard are considered most prestigious in all of Sweden.

Later in the evening, you can visit Kungsträdgården or more commonly known as the King’s Garden. It is a central park in Stockholm where you can find most popular hangouts and outdoor cafes. You can stop by for supper or even dinner and conclude your day 1.

Day 2:

Start your second day by visiting an old German Church TyskaKyrkan. It belonged to a German saint, hence it is known as the Old German. You can then visit Royal Swedish Opera. Even if you are not an opera fan, but there is nothing wrong at one time. Apart from an opera performance, you will surely admire the architecture of the opera house as it is jaw-dropping.

The next thing on the list is HistoriskaMuseet, also known as Swedish History Museum. It covers Swedish history and archeology from Mesolithic age to present day. So, this place is highly recommended to everyone.

Later in the evening, you can visit The Royal Palace of Sweden. This palace is one of the largest and most dynamic palaces in Europe. It also glows in the night lights, so photography will be brilliant at this spot.

Day 3:

Day 3 brings your trip to Vasa Museum. This museum offers you a delightful and exciting maritime experience. Among its most prolific entities on display is a 17th-century vessel which is preserved in its full glory.

Your next stop will be Dramaten, Sweden’s Royal Dramatic Theater. Around 1000 shows are put onyearly. If you are lucky enough, maybe you will get a chance to watch a show. After visiting Dramaten, you can visit Konserthuset, Sweden’s national concert hall. It is the main hall for orchestral music in Stockholm and almost 100 years old.

Day 4:

4th day of your trip will bring you one of the most elegant landscape visits in Stockholm, which stands tall not only in Stockholm but also in the whole world. Stadshuset, also known as Stockholm City Hall is one of the most important buildings in Europe and it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the globe. Each year on 10th of December, Stadshuset enjoys as the venue of the Nobel Prize Banquet. It also serves for different grand ceremonies and displays unique pieces of art in its ceremonial halls.

After visiting Stadshuset, your next destination will be Globe arena or better known as Ericsson Globe. It is an indoor arena and it is the largest hemispherical building on Earth. Visit it and witness the amazing fusion of lights at night time.

Day 5:

The last days of the trip are mostly to sink every awesome detail you have come to know in a respective city. But in Stockholm, you are not allowed that luxury as the last day of your trip brings you further exciting places to explore. One such place is Stadsbiblioteket. Its Stockholm’s public library and not just any other library, it is located in a state of the art building. Designed by a renowned Swedish architecture Gunnar Asplund, It is one of the Scandinavian’s most notable structure.

The second place on your bucket list will be SergelsTorg. It is the central most public square in Stockholm and a famous point in the city. And finally, last but not the least, we will end this list with Nordic Museum. Museums are perfect to visit on your last trip day, as you can keep a visual souvenir of the place along with its history forever. It is located in central Stockholm and dedicated to cultural history and ethnography of Sweden from 16th Century.

When visiting a historically important city, it is imperative to keep extra batteries and notepads in your backpacks because you would not want to miss out on any information about that place. Before you fly out, always keep sometime between your checkout and flight as there are some places to sightsee on your way to the airport and sometimes you may need to stop for a picture or two.

I believe there is no point to wait more and explore the wonderful attraction of Stockholm. Book your cheap flights to Stockholm now.