The Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal

The Everest Base Camp Trek is one of those trips that you have definitely heard about, even if you aren’t exactly a keen traveler. At the very least, the name of Mount Everest has definitely cropped up here and there at some point in life- as it is the world’s highest mountain peak and a natural wonder. People from all parts of the world visit Nepal to do this trekking journey. And well, unsurprisingly, the Everest Base Camp Trek certainly is deserving of its popularity! From the amazing Himalayan landscape that compliments the journey leading to the base camp of Everest, to the rich and diverse Sherpa culture that occupies the region of Khumbu, the Everest Base Camp Trek truly is a journey of a lifetime. It is a trip that warrants a visit at least once in life!

When it comes to Nepal, trekking is perhaps the most famous adventure activity to do here. Much like the Inca Trail at Peru, the Everest Base Camp Trek is also a journey that lets you venture into the heart of an ethnically rich Himalayan region. In fact, Nepal has many trekking journeys that span the entire length of the country, with the base camp trek to Mount Everest being among the most popular and sought-after by trekkers. So what exactly is so great about the trip? Why is it so popular and why is it an important part of Nepal’s tourism industry? The answer to these questions lay in the elaboration of the trip’s many hallmarks and amazing features that the trip presents to its trekkers.

For starters, the Everest Base Camp Trek usually begins from the capital of Nepal- Kathmandu. An ancient city that is always moving and always changing, Kathmandu itself is a vast bustling metropolitan that offers many historical sites and settings. The Newa architecture in particular is most prevalent in the old monuments and countless temples the city harbors. In fact, the valley of Kathmandu, where the capital city is situated, offers one of the densest concentrations of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. The Base Camp Trip however, takes place in the Khumbu region- an entirely Trans-Himalayan region of northern Nepal.

There are a number of ways to get to Khumbu from Kathmandu, but among all of them- taking a short flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is the most preferred mode of transportation. One of the most fascinating things about this short flight itself however, is how very dramatic it is. One would guess that short flights aren’t anything special, but that doesn’t apply to the short flight to Lukla from Kathmandu! The Lukla Airport is located atop a wide cliff and is surrounded by green rolling hills on all sides. Moreover, the airport has a single runway only 60 meters in length. One end of the runway even drops off towards the gaping valley below! The short 40 minute flight also offers beautiful views of the changing terrain; the bustling city is replaced with the sight of cerulean Himalayan peaks- as if to foreshadow the natural beauty the trekkers will be encountering as they proceed with the journey.

It is very difficult to pinpoint any one major highlight of the trip. As with the cases with a majority of trekking in Nepal adventures, the journey to the base camp is filled to the brim with various accentuating features. Perhaps the most notable facet of the trek is the absolutely beguiling panorama of the entire Mount Everest massif seen from the vantage point of Kalapatthar. Moreover, the culture of the legendary Sherpa people that occupy the region is also particularly delightful to experience. Small chortens and Gumbas line the trekking trail, and Mani stone walls carved with prayers are a staple component of the whole journey. Blend in the tapestries of Himalayas that ornament the backdrops of valleys and mountain settlements- and you’ve got yourself a landscape that is utterly picture perfect!

In conclusion, the Everest Base Camp Trek is beautiful in every sense of the word. Worth noting also is that Nepal trekking is definitely an affordable and a relatively cheap venture. Available to do at all time of the year, the Everest Base Camp Trek can also be done by people of all ages, demographics and experience. If you are planning on your next vacation idea, maybe give the Everest Base Camp Trek a try! It certainly is worth doing.