What Makes the Iiwa Desert Safari Perfect For You

The Emirate of Dubai is often perceived as the destination to visit in the United Arab Emirates. In the shadow of the glittering city of Dubai, other Emirates offer extraordinary landscapes and activities, attracting far fewer visitors. This is the case of Abu Dhabi, a family destination that seduces young and old, night and day. In this post, we particularly want to talk about five magical places to spend an unforgettable night in Abu Dhabi as well as liwa tourist attractions. Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in the desert, on an artificial or desert island, in a sumptuous palace or in the heart of the mountains? If so, do not miss the following lines.

Sleeping in the largest sand desert in the world

Visit Rub Al Khali, better known as Empty Quarter, is a unique experience not to be missed during a stay in Abu Dhabi. You can do “Dune Bashing” with or without a driver, learn to drive in the desert, surf sand or ride camel at sunset. But to fully experience the Bedouin experience and feel the magic of the desert, nothing beats a night under the stars. The most used will leave with their tent to live the adventure with a big “A”. Neophytes will be happy to be able to count on the experience and advice of a seasoned guide, who will lead them without difficulty in a landscape in perpetual change.

Sunset over sand dunes, Empty Quarter Desert

For the more comfy, it is also possible to sleep in the desert while enjoying much more luxury. This is the case at Qasr Al Sarab, a five-star resort nestled in the sand dunes and giving visitors the opportunity to experience many desert activities in an organized setting. For our part, we had a magical night at Tilal Al Liwa, an oasis in the desert. Located high up, this four-star hotel offers a privileged view of the liwa desert safari and the desert that surrounds it, while allowing visitors to cool off with a large outdoor pool.

Sleeping on an artificial island, between land and sea

Especially known for the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix, which takes place once a year on the Yas Marina circuit, Yas Island is a must-see destination for leisure and strong emotions. The Formula 1 circuit is crossed by a bridge that connects the two towers of Yas Viceroy, a world-renowned five-star hotel. Half-built on the land and sea, this futuristic-style hotel catches the eye with its glass and steel structure that reflects bright colors.

Sleeping in a sumptuous palace

For our tenth wedding anniversary, we succumbed to the sweet folly of paying us a luxury night at the Emirates Palace. After Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, it’s the second most expensive hotel in the world. Its main building stretches for over a kilometer and is surrounded by a garden of about 100 hectares.

Sleeping on top of a mountain, overlooking the desert

Nicknamed “Garden City”, the city of Al Ain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Several hectares of the city are reserved for parks, gardens, plantations and farms, which earned it the nickname “Emirates Garden”. The city of Al Ain is also dominated by Jebel Hafeet, a mountain of 1240 meters that allows an incredible view of the desert that surrounds it. If you are perfect in every possible way in approaching the travel options, then it is for sure that you will be able to have the best options here. The destinations are also perfect for staying here. You will get the perfect support in this case. Such is the pleasure of travelling here.