For extra cash, you can make and sell these things

1. Organizers

It is important to organize and store everyday household and office belongings. A coffee cup and a plastic bin are good options, but many people prefer to purchase unique decorative items. You can use these ideas to store files and photos in decorative boxes, pencil holders, or wood- or painted-glass utensil holders.

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2. Decorative dishes, cups, and glasses

Do you have the skills to use a paintbrush? Painting dishes, cups, and glasses, particularly wine glasses, is very popular. You can also etch on a mason jar or beer stein. You can also use decoupage instead of etching or paint to decorate your kitchen items. You can make beautiful gifts from mugs, dishes, and glasses.

3. Magnets/Pins

Business people love to purchase personalized magnets, buttons or pins that they can give to customers. You can also make your own item and create a new trend (remember the bottle cap magnets?) ).

4. Pet Goods

Pet owners love their pets. People love their pets and are open to starting a business in the pet market. You can create pet clothes, collars, and pet beds. You can also make decorative items such as art and a locket with the pet’s photo.

5. Paper Goods

You can create paper goods and sell them digitally in certain cases. A personal planner, checklist, or sticker can be created and sent as a digital file to the customer. They can also print them on their own (or they can purchase sticker paper at an office store).

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How to sell your items

After you have created your items, it is time to make them available for sale. These are some ways to make your items a source of income.

You should price your products to make a profit. You don’t want your products to be too expensive, but you need to make sure you are covering the cost of your time and materials.

Your items can be branded. You can brand your items by adding your name, business name or website to each one. You can use a sticker, or your home-printed information on business cards paper. Customers who want more information can get in touch with your company if they have any questions.

Target a particular type of customer. Many authors are interested in unique swag items with pictures of their books, such as charm bracelets and earrings. Totes, tees and keychains with sheepdog pictures are desired by sheepdog owners. While customizing your products can take longer, you can charge more.

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You can tie in the season. Although many of your products are suitable for any season, it is possible to increase sales by selling seasonal items like Christmas decorations, gift items or Fourth of July decorations. You might also consider special occasion items like wedding favors and birthday decorations.

Selling your items

Once your items are created, it’s time to start selling them. There are many ways to sell your goods. In some cases, you don’t even have to leave your home.

Online places to sell your crafts

Etsy is the best-known place to sell handmade goods. But there are other places where you can list your items and sell them online.

  • Aftcra
  • Art Fire
  • Amazon – Handmade
  • Handmade Artists
  • Handmadeology Market
  • indieCart
  • iCraft Gifts
  • Zibbet

To complement the listings on these websites, you can also create your own ecommerce storefront.

You can also sell your crafts offline

Selling items online is not the only way to sell them. Selling in person is also possible without the hassle of shipping and packing.

  • Craft Fairs
  • Bazaars
  • Consignment in local shops
  • Farmers Markets
  • Vendors are welcome at local events

Face-to-face interactions with customers are another benefit of selling in person. This gives you the opportunity to receive immediate feedback, learn what your customers love most about your products, and get ideas for new products that your customers might be interested in purchasing from you.